5 Best CPS for 7.3 Powerstroke [Top Picks & Reviews 2021]


CPS simply refers to Crankshaft or Camshaft Position Sensor. Despite its simple functionality, the gear itself is one essential engine integration.

The sensor collects information from the targeted system, sending it to the vehicle’s computer. And the action helps to decide some delicate sparking aspects.

But the mechanical equipment doesn’t last forever against intense adversity. Likewise, you’ll have to replace the current ones from time to time.

Even for the powerful 7.3L models, you need to make apparent replacements. We enlisted the best CPS for 7.3 Powerstroke with detailed discussions.

Look into the table for getting a basic comparison of our picks.

Best CPS for 7.3 Powerstroke – Comparison Table

ProductKey FeatureFitmentPrice
1. Ford Genuine F4TZ-12K073-C CPSGenuine OEM Design1994 – 2003
2. Ford F7TZ-12K073-B Camshaft SensorHeavy-Duty Excursion1997 – 2003
3. YCT F4TZ-12K073-C CPSSuperb Frame Reliability1997 – 2003
4. Motorcraft DU-87 CPSConstant Monitoring Service1996 – 2003
5. Original Engine Management CPSFerrite Magnet Inclusion1997 – 2003

5 Best 7.3 Powerstroke CPS Reviews

Though the comparison looks pretty basic, you should get the points. All the chosen options come ready to meet your system demands. Now, figure out the comprehensive best 7.3 Powerstroke CPS reviews from below.

1. Ford Genuine F4TZ-12K073-C CPS

Ford Genuine F4TZ-12K073-C CPS. best cps for 7.3 powerstroke
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Technical Details

  • Brand: Ford
  • Model: F4TZ-12K073-C
  • Weight: 0.32 ounces
  • Dimensions: 6 x 12 x 3 inches

Let the engine receive its necessary information to keep up the speed.

The 1st one to enter our list comes from Ford itself. Its featured F4TZ-12K073 appears one original replacement for standard systems.

A simpler outlook stands as a perfect match for the factory-defined integrations. Also, the price tag comes slightly higher than the preferable range.

Features & Benefits

Steady Built

The metal body remains capable of withstanding grave automotive adversity. Right there, your system initiates constant monitoring of specific mechanisms. Its sturdy frame sends the necessary information to the management all along.

Precise Frame

The best cam sensor for 7.3 Powerstroke measures a precise 6 x 12 x 3 inches, allowing direct fitment. The weight is reasonably low, only 0.32 ounces in total. Accurate details help you to avoid surprising issues on installation.

OEM Specs

You just can skip any other aftermarket choices with the intended CPS. The sensor comes right from the Ford manufacturing company itself. And the design fulfills every essential OEM requirement, promoting functional convenience.


  1. Durable metal support.
  2. Specified design fitment.
  3. Precise OEM detailing.
  4. Consistent monitoring.


  1. Only for older engines.


2. Ford F7TZ-12K073-B Camshaft Sensor

Ford F7TZ-12K073-B Camshaft Sensor. best 7.3 powerstroke cps
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Technical Details

  • Brand: Ford
  • Model: F7TZ-12K073-B
  • Weight: ‎1.58 ounces
  • Dimensions: 8 x 4 x 7 inches

Ensure constant monitoring of the system to encourage engine functionality.

Another CPS from Ford comes to make a list for several reasons. It’s indeed the most suitable alternative to the aforementioned option.

Of course, there are certain dissimilarities to continue with the fitment. And the price tag stands righteous, somewhat lower than its counterpart.

Features & Benefits

Genuine Parts

Likewise, Ford itself develops the CPS for saving the hassles of aftermarket crap. The throughout the design is one perfect match for the factory-made originals. And absolute OEM satisfaction comes guaranteed for every included material.

Exclusive Excursion

What actually makes the intended one different from the first option? The answer deliberately lies with the integration of an exclusive super-duty excursion. Its assistance keeps the sensor secure, initiating optimum support down the track.

Fitting Design

The overall compatibility resembles a goods similarity regarding 7.3 Powerstrokes. It remains suitable for older versions, not the modern ones. Despite its limited usability, you can get a perfect replacement for the 1997 – 2003 models.


  1. Universal fitting design.
  2. Durable metal framing.
  3. Original OEM structure.
  4. Immediate installation.


  1. Slight mismatching specs.


3. Motorcraft DU-87 Camshaft Position Sensor

Motorcraft DU-87 Camshaft Position Sensor. best cps sensor for 7.3
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Technical Details

  • Brand: Motorcraft
  • Model: DU-87
  • Weight: 0.81 ounces
  • Dimensions: 2.44 x 2.44 x 2.38 inches

Monitor the camshaft valves to help with the engine’s optimum functionality.

Among the significant aftermarket brands, Motorcraft indeed remains on the top. The chosen DU-87 should satisfy your requirement on Powerstroke CPS.

The simple design functionality initiates an ergonomic outcome for compatible mechanisms. And the price holds good enough to compete with all the premium brands.

Features & Benefits

Durable Structure

Every integrated part comes ready to offer its functionality to the best extent. And the metal support keeps the intact sensor right on the heavy mechanism. Durability counts pretty satisfyingly without any potential reduction inefficiency.

Steady Fitment

The compatibility seems to be confined within a specific yearly range. It replaces the failed CPS in several makes & models. Not to mention, there comes no surprise with the overall system usability.

Consistent Service

Structural combo includes metal support for the polymer mainframe. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about its capability in sending reports. Sticking with the intended option means constant support for your precious vehicle.


  1. Faster replacement setup.
  2. Premium level of service.
  3. Constant valve monitoring.
  4. Good efficiency retention.


  1. Lacks original service.


4. YCT F4TZ-12K073-C CPS

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Technical Details

  • Brand: YCT
  • Model: YCT0405
  • Weight: 5.6 ounces
  • Dimensions: 3.1 x 2.7 x 2.4 inches

Prevent wrongful purchase of aftermarket parts to save automotive expenses.

We’re skipping Ford to look into a reliable CPS from the market. YCT comes first to represent the aftermarket ones for intended vehicles.

The best CPS sensor for 7.3 promises the expected functionality until the end. Obviously, the price tag stands right for a standard aftermarket product.

Features & Benefits

Quality Frame

Each integrated part comes out of the factory after intense testing. A completely new product on purchase arrives ready to serve your system. And priceless quality maintains proper efficiency against all sorts of adversity.

Great Serviceability

Likewise, the assembled CPS design includes a super-duty Econoline excursion. Aside from the exact functional support, the operational efficiency keeps getting better. Guaranteed service exceeds expectations without any potential management issues.

Precise Setup

You’re to check out the fitment part numbers before making the purchase. And the compatibility measures reasonably good to support several Ford Powerstrokes. But the yearly version fitment still remains confined under 1997 – 2003.


  1. Excellent material quality.
  2. Immediate replacement.
  3. Superior system reliability.
  4. Completely tested design.


  1. Weak metal pins.


5. Original Engine Management 96105 CPS

Original Engine Management 96105 CPS.
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Technical Details

  • Brand: OEM
  • Model: ‎96105
  • Weight: ‎3.2 ounces
  • Dimensions: 3.2 x 3.2 x 3 inches

Ensure maximum service outcome for your engine, covering the whole interior.

It’s the last one to make a list, still superior to many options. And the final choice arrives from Original Engine Management.

Despite the lack of details, you have nothing to turn your back on. But the higher price tag should depict its premium serviceability.

Features & Benefits

Enduring Construction

Metal structural components ensure maximum protection from the outside elements. And the interior seems supportive enough to sense the system. Exceptional strength with supporting appeal stands functional for long enough.

Standard Compatibility

Likewise, you’re to replace the best 7.3 Powerstroke CPS for older engine systems only. In fact, it’s unbelievably simple enough to replace the existing one with the 96105. And the compatibility remains within 1997 – 2003, just like the others.

Absolute Satisfaction

Almost the same quality gets to adorn the system, considering OE essentials. The design promises to encourage superb formation, throughput fitment & complete function. Ferrite magnet, high-impact housing & OEM connectors – everything is right there.


  1. Premium materials for the frame.
  2. Excellent mechanical support.
  3. Absolute functional reliability.
  4. High-quality OEM formation.


  1. Initial response problems.


How to Choose the Best CPS Sensor for 7.3 Powerstroke?

Making a perfect choice never comes easy, especially with automotive parts. There are several aftermarket choices, not even worth your consideration.

Checking out some special considerations can help you to make the rightful purchase. Take your time with the facts, and the 7.3 Powerstroke CPS replacement should stand near.

Engine Fitment

Obviously, there are different yearly versions of 7.3 Powerstroke alone. Concerning our list, the options primarily remain compatible with the 1997 – 2003 models. Further confinement comes with 1994 – 1996 versions.

Structural Quality

The most critical considerations always include material quality. You can’t expect any mechanical gear to serve long enough without good serviceability. Try to understand the entire structural design from the exterior side.

Proper Monitoring

No doubt, CPS performs the task of monitoring the camshaft & crank valve. A defective sensor means inadequate response, leading the engine to act abnormally. Therefore, it’s your job to ensure the CPS’s optimized functionality.

Internal Excursion

One noticeable feature goes with the built-in excursion for the CPS. Not to mention, the presence of the character provides some additional support for its function. Just try to avoid the CPS with no definite excursion.

OEM Satisfaction

Without proper system support, the replacement is likely to cause further problems. And you always have to rely on OEM specs as a universal standard. Don’t ever settle for anything not close to the crucial OEM requirements.

Additional Features

Apart from the necessary integrations, you better look into the overall structural specs. Obviously, extra features mean superior outcomes from the engine. Check the housing & connector closely to avoid hassled installation.

How Do I Know If My CPS 7.3 is Bad?

No matter what you do, even the best 7.3 cam sensor can’t stand forever. Apart from failing, automotive parts can cause troubles over defective specs. And you’re to attend CPS with the following symptoms.

Issues with Startup Ignition – Transmitted signal gets weak with the defective sensor. It affects the ignition response from the engine. And you’ll have a difficult time starting the system.

‘Check Engine Light Turns On – There are several interconnected parts to support engine function. And different issues are likely to trigger the illumination of ‘Check Engine Light’. Still, you have to ensure the culprit stands with CPS.

Stalling, Jerking, or Surging – Frequent loss of power becomes compulsory with failed CPS. And it leads the engine to respond abruptly, causing vibrated stalling, surging, or jerking.

Inadequate Acceleration Response – Among other reactions, your engine can’t receive the necessary fuel. It affects the acceleration, significantly lowering the applicable rate over time.

Decrease in Fuel Economy – Erroneous reading from the sensor often ends up injecting extra fuel. Despite the lack of combustion, your cost of refill starts to increase noticeably.

What to Do After Replacing Camshaft Sensor?

Replacing the old CPS doesn’t necessarily complete the job. Your ‘Check Engine Light’ can still remain on without any reasonable issue. Utilize a diagnostic tester for canceling the computerized error.

Don’t forget to make some preliminary driving tests after the change. It should help you to catch the initial response from the engine. A noticeable increase in certain functionality should suffice the driving.

How to Clean Up a Crankshaft Position Sensor?

It still remains a debatable issue – if a CPS is cleanable or not. The answer comes apparent; you can wash any engine part with proper procedure. Unless the manufacturer puts prohibition, you’re OK to continue.

#1. Disconnect the negative battery terminal. Use a socket wrench to take the cable out.

#2. Check the service manual for the camshaft location. The CPS mostly assembled nearby.

#3. Detach all the wires to connect the sensor. Keep track of individual wires closely.

#4. Remove the holding screws to loosen CPS. Place the removed sensor on a clean rag.

#5. Gently spray a slight amount of solvent. Use another rag for wiping out the sensor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How long does it take to replace a camshaft sensor?

Answer: One of the most comfortable automotive replacements goes with the CPS. It’s likely to cost 5 – 10 minutes for anyone having intermediate skills.

Q: How long does a crankshaft sensor last?

Answer: In simple words, any standard CPS comes with a useful lifespan. Speaking of the change, it’s better to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Q: How much does it cost to replace a crankshaft sensor?

Answer: Labor cost remains within $100 to $120, whereas CPS itself requires $10 – $35. In total, you’re to spend $110 – $155, $132.5 on average.

Final Words

It’s impossible to imagine any modern engine with no integrated CPS. The righteous model can help to encourage overall functionality. That’s where you can comfortably get the best CPS for 7.3 Powerstroke from above.

Ford Genuine F4TZ-12K073-C CPS seems like the ultimate choice without any major drawback. You’re sure to receive an incredibly satisfying response with the sensor. And the price comes worthy of its guaranteed services.

Happy Driving.

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