5 Best LS3 Intake Manifold Reviews [Top Picks & Guide 2021]


Combustion of fuel requires a sufficient amount of oxygen to generate engine power. An intake manifold ensures a consistent supply of airflow to meet the demands.

Almost all engines, including your LS3, require replacing the part once in a while. But an overwhelming number of choices can give you a serious headache.

Stick with our expert suggested best LS3 intake manifold options available in the market. Simply keep scrolling to know every fact on the automotive replacement.

Get introduced to the expert choices through the following comparison.

Top LS3 Intake Manifold – Comparison Table

ProductKey FeatureFitmentPrice
1. FAST LSXr 146102B Intake ManifoldSuperb Heat Dissipation2010 – 2017
2. Edelbrock 2701 Performer Intake ManifoldNatural Exterior Finish1955 – 1985
3. ACDelco 12602477 GM Original Intake ManifoldSpecial Frame Design2010 – 2017
4. Holley 300-136 LS3/L92 Single Plane EFI Intake ManifoldComplete Intake Package2010 – 2017
5. ACDelco 12580420 GM Original Equipment Intake ManifoldPremium Aftermarket Part2000 – 2011

5 LS3 Intake Manifold Reviews

Apart from the mentioned specs, there are additional facts to concern the viability. And you must look into the details for confirmation on purchase. Check the LS3 intake manifold reviews below.

1. FAST LSXr 146102B Intake Manifold

FAST LSXr 146102B Intake ManifoldTechnical Details

  • Brand: FAST
  • Model: 146102B
  • Weight: 20.4 pounds
  • Dimensions: 27.4 x 17 x 10.1 inches
  • Exterior: Polymer

Initiate an increased rate of air-fuel mixture for your engine’s cylinders.

Too many aftermarket brands come with excessive choices for automotive replacements. And FAST isn’t exactly standing among the most recognized ones.

But its 146102B is sure to make your day with superior engine performance. The cost appears high, concerning the included number of contents.

Features & Benefits

Polymer Material

Most of the intake manifold primarily features a lightweight yet sturdy aluminum frame. But FAST manages to shape the intended unit from dependable polymer. The distinctive feature stands to host several benefits over conventional designs.

Premium Service

Apart from maintaining an intact design, the best LS3 intake for boost provides exceptional strength. Minimal blocks allow the airflow to reach the chamber. And your running engine won’t suffer from oxygen hunger.

Additional Support

A bigger mouth of 102mm throttle frame imparts immediate gain in output power. Tests revealed a 14+ HP increase against 11+ ft-lb torque for the flywheel. It integrates a three-piece modular shape, letting you enable easy disassembly & porting.


  1. Standard rectangular port.
  2. Integration of nitrous bungs.
  3. Excellent heat dissipation.
  4. Individual runner removal.


  1. Problems with the installation.


2. Edelbrock 2701 Performer Intake Manifold

Edelbrock 2701 Performer Intake Manifold

Technical Details

  • Brand: Edelbrock
  • Model: 2701
  • Weight: 14.3 pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎22.4 x 10.6 x 5.7 inches
  • Exterior: Satin

Ensure a consistently supportive distribution of air-fuel mix for the engine.

Not many brands managed to set a reputation with high-quality manifolds. And you’re sure to receive excellent support from Edelbrock’s design.

The featured unit remains standard for suitable models from every extent. Lacking hardware contents, the package is likely to cost you low enough.

Features & Benefits

Steady Framework

Durable aluminum makes the frame, imparting longevity & strength simultaneously. And the interior remains completely intact, passing the test of rigorous time. The efficiency gets better, thanks to the smooth airflow with minimal restriction.

Standard Specs

It integrates a dependable dual-plane style to hold the actual consistency. Also, the best aftermarket intake manifold for LS3 includes a single carburetor without any EGR. The functioning rpm range starts from idle to continue for 5500.

Satisfactory Gain

An increase in output power should appear following the installation. Your HP gets to rise by a noticeable 5HP. Meanwhile, the torque stands to receive an additional nine ft-lb. Likewise, the gain tends to vary regarding the functional rpm.


  1. Extended power on the output.
  2. Single carburetor integration.
  3. Natural finish on exterior.
  4. Standard design framework.


  1. Initial cracking on torque.


3. ACDelco 12602477 GM Original Equipment Intake Manifold

ACDelco 12602477 GM Original Equipment Intake Manifold

Technical Details

  • Brand: ACDelco
  • Model: 12602477
  • Weight: 10.36 pounds
  • Dimensions: 24.88 x 16.12 x 9.38 inches

Skip noticeably poor engine performance over insufficient air-fuel distribution in cylinders.

And you’ll have to encounter ACDelco for automotive replacement at some point. The recognized brand designs a functional manifold committed to performing.

OE standardized unit overcomes your engine’s difficulty in mechanical burning. Its price tag seems to appear relevant, going perfectly with the intended service.

Features & Benefits

Constant Function

The manifold primarily gets the recommendation from Ford Motor GM. And many supportive reasons make it one plausible solution for oxygen hunger. Almost no restriction on the airflow keeps the burning effective towards maximized energy.

Additional Benefits

Of course, you’ll feel the difference in power output from the start. Also, associated parts should imply better action with the LS3 intake manifold upgrade. Your engine is sure to initiate a boost in its performance.

Superior Framing

Top-quality materials establish the overall frame from the inside out. Special integration of advanced technology makes the design usable on challenging demands. Aside from extended durability, the design stands with superior structural strength.


  1. Advanced technical features.
  2. High-quality OEM alternative.
  3. Premium design for efficiency.
  4. Immediate fitment on setup.


  1. Misleading fitment specs.


4. Holley 300-136 LS3/L92 Single Plane EFI Intake Manifold

Holley 300-136 LS3/L92 Single Plane EFI Intake Manifold

Technical Details

  • Brand: Holley
  • Model: 300-136
  • Weight: 13.67 pounds
  • Exterior: Satin

Promote the overall engine functionality through a consistently even air-fuel distribution.

Another less-known brand in aftermarket competition has to concern Holley. It comes with a dependable 300-136 unit to meet complete satisfaction.

The LS3 intake manifold replacement is ready to upgrade the existing support. And the price stands good enough to justify the expected function.

Features & Benefits

Challenged Support

It’s one mid-rise manifold to support highly demandable street & strip applications. The overall height measures a perfectly matching 10.44” at maximum. In fact, you can rely on its action for turbocharged or blow-thru uses.

Precise Details

The integrated port size happens to measure a straight 2.50” H against 1.15” W. And the flange height from lifter valley comes 5.42”. MAP sensor port thread features 1/8” NPT against a 3/8” NPT vacuum port thread.

Wide Powerband

RPM range goes reasonably high, concerning minimal operating limits. The powerband covers a preferable 2000 rpm up to 7000 rpm. And it leads to extreme improvement in power output through immediate gains.


  1. Plenum top, base adapter.
  2. Minimal hood clearance.
  3. Standard 92mm opening.
  4. High turbocharge support.


  1. Lack of information.


5. ACDelco 12580420 GM Original Equipment Intake Manifold

ACDelco 12580420 GM Original Equipment Intake Manifold

Technical Details

  • Brand: GM
  • Model: 12580420
  • Weight: 15.65 pounds
  • Dimensions: 28.25 x 18.12 x 12.38 inches

Push the existing intake rate ahead of enjoying the further mechanical outcome.

Even the last one comes from ACDelco, justifying its true brand value. But the intended unit stands noticeably different from the previous one.

Its installation promises to support engine combustion to the best extent. The price appears pretty low, going with the minimal package contents.

Features & Benefits

Absolute Gain

The power almost immediately starts with the proper cylindrical burning. Noticeable differences will impart smooth performance from the engine. And there are associated benefits to keep the freshness to stand for long enough.

Mixture Distribution

Uniform distribution of air is essential to ensure maximum generation of energy. And ACDelco promises to retain the evenness through the best ported LS3 intake. You don’t have to worry about faded efficiency over frequent use.

Precise Specs

Even from the exterior, its elaborate design stands to satisfy crucial OEM specs. And it initiates superior longevity against extreme physical strength. And the quality counts exceptionally well regarding its commitment to fitment.


  1. Superior mechanical precision.
  2. High resistance to deterioration.
  3. Elaborate structural framework.
  4. Consistently even distribution.


  1. No additional hardware.


Thinks Need to Consider When Buying the Perfect LS3 Intake for Boost – Buying Guide

As mentioned, there are different brands with an immense number of units. Even for LS3 itself, you’ll have a whole lot of impressive options in mind.

You can avoid erroneous purchases using some considerations. The facts can help you to reach the best aftermarket intake manifold for LS3 easily.

System Fitment

Compatibility tends to count incredibly wide for LS3 engines. Everything can date back to 1955 with certain models. You must ensure the actual automotive version to narrow down the possibilities.

RPM Powerband

Active RPM support directly holds the key to powerful combustion. Therefore, it’s better to know the covered powerband right away. And you should contact the seller to know the associated details.

Structural Specs

Almost all the standard manifolds feature aluminum structures. However, you may find something different in the market. Check the design closely to figure out its ports, style, carburetor & others.

Gain on Output

Increase in engine performance is one particular benefit of intake manifolds. And you ought to feel the increment from the start. Check the details for a specified increase in engine HP & its torque.

How to Remove LS3 Intake Manifold

Whether it’s replacement or cleanup – you must remove the manifold from its assembly. Follow the simple steps to accomplish the task by yourself.

#1. Start with disconnecting the negative battery terminal. Removed the intake tube from the MAP sensor on the throttle body.

#2. Take out fuel injector covers to disconnect the electrical connections. Remove all the connecting bolts from the manifold.

#3. Disconnect the fuel line to remove the fuel rail wiring harness. Access the bolts to keep the fuel rail intact with the manifold.

#4. Grab the loosened manifold to make a gentle lift with careful forward pulling. Remove the fuel rail with the brake booster hose.

How to Clean LS3 Intake Manifold

You don’t have to remove the intake manifold for cleanup with the advanced chemical formula. Using foam cleaning spray is the simplest way to clean any intake manifold. Detachment of throttle with air intake duct requires your attention.

Clean the accessed area using microfiber cloths to apply the power foam spray. Allow the power foam to soak the dirty space for several minutes without any interruption. Make another complete sweep using the cloth for full cleanups.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How to port LS3 intake manifold?

Answer: Porting intake manifold is one essential step to optimize automotive performance. And It requires a matching connection between runner end openings to the cylinder head port openings.

Q: Will LS3 intake manifold fit LS1?

Answer: LS1 requires a rectangular port head, deviating from LS3 requirements. However, you may check manifolds to support LS1 as well as Ls3 on a special occasion.

Final Words

Proper combustion is essential to provide the mechanism with sufficient running power. And you can’t skip noticeably poor performance over low air support. Only the best LS3 intake manifold can hold a consistent action towards maximum efficiency.

As it happens, there’s no better option than FAST LSXr Intake Manifold in hand. The design features everything necessary to ensure a smooth air supply to the chamber. Considering the perspectives, the choice seems reasonably good for its worthy price tag.

Happy Driving.

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