7 Best Shocks and Struts for Mustang [Buying Guide 2021]


Automotive suspension assembly holds the entire wheel system to cause the motion. But excessive surface roughness makes the assembly prone to eventual damage.

And you’ll feel extremely dizzy to keep the moving wheels under precise control. The presence of a shock-strut system can reduce the impact to stabilize the movement.

It remains one essential upgrade to secure the holding section from sudden failure. And the practical importance requires grave attention regarding your Ford Mustang.

Too many available options are sure to give extensive trouble on its purchase. Better start checking our expert-suggested best shocks and struts for Mustang options.

Look into the quick comparison table to know our suitable picks.

Best Shocks and Struts for Ford Mustang – Comparison Table

ProductKey FeatureFitmentPrice
1. DTA 50145 Front Complete StrutFully Loaded Design2005 – 2010
2. Detroit Axle Front Struts Full setComplete System Assembly2005 – 2008
3. AUTOSAVER88 Complete Struts ShocksPrecise Tire Response1994 – 2004
4. Maxorber GRRD Full Shocks Struts SetSeamless Frame Structure1994 – 2004
5. DTA 70145 Complete Strut Shock SetInsulated Spring Seats2005 – 2010
6. Carock 03CR-B4SH089J Struts Shocks KitElaborate Design Details1994 – 2004
7. Detroit Axle 10192-4A Struts Shocks KitPiston Seal Adjustment2005 – 2010


Top 7 Mustang Shocks and Struts Reviews

Only a limited number of features make the aforementioned comparison. But there are additional facts to decide on every individual product. Check the ford mustang struts replacement guide to catching all the details.

1. DTA 50145 Front Complete Strut

DTA 50145 Front Complete Strut

Technical Details

  • Weight: ‎50 pounds
  • Dimensions: 24 x 14 x 10 inches
  • Part Number: 50145

Protect your automotive suspension from all sorts of distorting on-road impact.

And DTA manages to occupy the first position with conceivable support. It designs on a deliberate set to hold the entire front section.

Explicit formula adorns Ford Mustang to prevent any harm for its suspension. A reasonable price tag helps with the purchase within budget.

Features & Benefits

Standard Strut

Its strut features a functional nitrogen gas charge with a piston seal. The 4-lip Teflon band comes with an SV3 fluid to protect its mechanism. And the rod integrates micro-polished chrome plating to counteract surface deterioration.

Loaded Completion

Only 2 matching pieces are available with the best suspension for Fox Body Mustang. But individual unit appears complete, remaining secure to make the upgrade. Guaranteed fit skips worthless hassles on its implementing installation.

Spring Support

Fully heat-treated coil spring features protective powder coating for the exterior. Meanwhile, insulated spring seats give you full control over the suspension movement. Also, additional longevity prevails with resistance to all damaging elements.


  1. All-weather system fluid.
  2. Neoprene boot function.
  3. No compressor demands.
  4. Comfortable ride quality.


  1. Slightly soft framework.


2. Detroit Axle Front Struts Full set

Detroit Axle Front Struts Full set


Technical Details

  • Brand: ‎Detroit Axle
  • Weight: 88.9 pounds
  • Dimensions: 19 x 12 x 6 inches
  • Part Number: 14CQS1201151

It’s time to upgrade the whole suspension system using subtle replacement parts.

One established aftermarket brand to deliver high-quality products remains Detroit Axle. It explicitly stores a set to change the entire support.

The astounding 14-piece kit should leave your suspension secured to every extent. Likewise, its tag stands high to coincide with the contents.

Features & Benefits

Hydraulic Circuit

Its consistently functional circuit system features a dependable oil hydraulic design. Even the low mounting bracket helps with heat dissipation. The facility enables optimum reduction of vibration, promoting actual comfort.

Absolute Package

A total of 14 different pieces makes the best shocks and struts for 2006 Mustang. The package literally contains everything you need for a matching combo. It counts – shocks, struts, coil spring, control arms, boots, tie rods & sway bars.

Steel Coil Spring

Premium steel-grade material shapes the coil spring to impart maximum structural strength. And it takes an active part in dissipating the vibration to cause discomfort. In addition, the upper strut mount holds premium-grade bearings with bolts.


  1. Complete strut assembly.
  2. Rigorous demand support.
  3. Exceptional riding quality.
  4. Rubberized boot for dust.


  1. Loud noise problems.


3. AUTOSAVER88 ATVCSS025 Complete Struts Shocks

AUTOSAVER88 ATVCSS025 Complete Struts Shocks


Technical Details

  • Brand: ‎AUTOSAVER88
  • Weight: ‎29.7 pounds
  • Dimensions: 21.46 x 9.06 x 8.74 inches
  • Model Number: ATVCSS025

Influence the actual automotive control with superb on-road handling efficiency.

A convincing product line paves the way for AUTOSAVER88 to rise on top. And the intended set should hold your thoughts on the upgrade.

It’s more like a standard Ford Mustang struts replacement to curtail the distortion. The price looks good enough to catch up with your budget.

Features & Benefits

Easy Installation

Completion of upgrade requires no special expertise, skills, or equipment. All you need to assemble concerns jack, socket, wrench & gloves for its setup. Even the installation guide remains available right on the intended review.

OEM Satisfaction

There are 4 pieces to support the suspension – front strut & shock, rear shock & strut. And every part to make the pieces integrates maximum structural support. Not to mention, OE specs maintain their consistency regarding a balanced ride.

Explicit Usability

Likewise, it only fits into several models from Ford Mustang to hit the road. You’re to consider Convertible & Coup for its use. Also, the compatibility counts for 3.8L V6, 3.9L V6 & 4.6L V8 versions.


  1. Minimal on-track bouncing.
  2. Simultaneous tire response.
  3. Effective handling support.
  4. Additional vehicle stability.


  1. Not a complete set.


4. Maxorber GRRD-0578791819 Full Shocks Struts Set

Maxorber GRRD-0578791819 Full Shocks Struts Set


Technical Details

  • Brand: Maxorber
  • Weight: 28 pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎24.41 x 8.66 x 4.72 inches
  • Part Number: ‎235060 344433 71962 5968 81963 801962 D235060 D344433

Start enjoying a flat, comforting, supportive ride with improved suspension response.

Another rising brand to induce a good product line should concern Maxorber. And it literally designs one direct alternative to the previous option.

The intended package contains an exclusive system upgrade for your precious vehicle. Spending worthy bucks should suffice its outcome on every call.

Features & Benefits

Seamless Structure

Integrated sleeves with cylinders minimize the splitting possibility to every extent. Consistency in close contact enables an explicitly stable damping force. Pressurized N2 gas helps with the reduction in distorted aeration & eventual foaming.

Protective Design

Japanese oil seal imparts absolute protection for Mustang’s shocks and struts. Its piston rod features hard chrome with micro-cracked chrome surface processing. Smooth contact always prevails, thanks to anti-shear & anti-foam characteristics.

Steady Application

The compatibility remains applicable for multiple 1998 – 2004 models of Ford Mustang. However, you’re to exclude certain ones like Cobra, Bullitt & Mach I. And its intended buckle holes require no change to ease the installation process.


  1. Control on tire movement.
  2. Superb steering response.
  3. Eccentric system support.
  4. Constant wheel alignment.


  1. Somewhat fitting issues.


5. DTA 70145 Complete Strut Set

DTA 70145 Complete Strut Set


Technical Details

  • Weight: 60 pounds
  • Dimensions: 24 x 14 x 10 inches
  • Part Number: 70145

Upgrade the distorted suspension with an integrated set to prevent the impact.

It’s the second time for Drive Tech America to make our list. However, the modified 70145 stands somewhat different from the actual set.

But the overall appeal seems pretty similar to the previously reviewed 50145. Likewise, the tag remains dependable to every extent.

Features & Benefits

Standard Package

The set actually contains one pair of front struts against another pair of rear shocks. Individual unit comes complete, letting you skip the setup hassles. It’s possible to utilize neoprene boots with bump stops when necessary.

Spring Functionality

Sturdy coil spring of durable metal comes heat-treated with additional powder coating. Extreme longevity prevails with the protective exterior, promoting the expectation. Meanwhile, the insulated spring seats enable a comforting ride with the best suspension for fox body Mustang.

Steady Outcome

All-weather SV3 fluid helps with the consistency in piston rod efficiency at any condition. Also, Teflon banded seal prevents eventual leaks to cause issues. The compatibility counts 2005 – 2010 for certain Ford Mustang models.


  1. Additional fitment on demands.
  2. Supportive spring functionality.
  3. Pressurized nitrogen gas charge.
  4. Micro-polished chrome plating.


  1. Minimal package contents.


6. Carock 03CR-B4SH089J Struts Shocks Kit

Carock 03CR-B4SH089J Struts Shocks Kit


Technical Details

  • Brand: CAROCK
  • Dimensions: 24 x 16 x 8 inches
  • Part Number: ‎03CR-B4SH089J

Initiate a dependable replacement to hold the suspension efficiency down the road.

Lesser-known Carock happens to check into the list for good reasons. The featured package should suffice the requirements of your suspension.

Immediate restoration of system freshness will help with the driving for sure. Its price remains viable to catch your conscious automotive budget.

Features & Benefits

OEM Endurance

Individual section of every package content satisfies the crucial OEM standard specs. Japanese oil seal, exclusive nitrogen charge, seamless cylindrical contact – everything stands for the support. And its long service life won’t get corrupted over time.

Standard Usability

The best shocks and struts for lowered Mustang fitment continue from 1994 to 2004. However, you must settle for definite configurations like 4.6L, 5.0L & 5.8L only. Extreme resistance to rust, corrosion & shock helps to retain the suspension intactness.

Precise Output

Minimal vibration will prevail to deliver absolute system control on your hands. Protective exterior surface counteracts all the deteriorating elements from the start. Also, superior system stability keeps maintaining the balanced tire response.


  1. Good suspension support.
  2. Elaborate fitment details.
  3. Notably durable materials.
  4. Protective Japanese seals.


  1. No installation hardware.


7. Detroit Axle 10192-4A Struts Shocks Kit

Detroit Axle 10192-4A Struts Shocks Kit


Technical Details

  • Brand: Detroit Axle
  • Weight: 55.7 pounds
  • Dimensions: 19 x 12 x 6 inches
  • Part Number: 10192-4A

Impart maximum suspension support without leaving any space for vibrating distortion.

And we’re to conclude the review with another Detroit Axle option. Of course, there are differences to notice with the improved modifications.

But the actual features appear limited with the intended design. A matching price tag shouldn’t give you any trouble regarding the investment.

Features & Benefits

Seal Adjustment

Customization of the integrated piston seal helps with internal consistency. A tight seal keeps everything intact between the pressure tube & piston rod. A minimal leak path directly takes part in promoting the actual system response.

Precise Mechanism

Highest quality materials cover the best shocks and struts for Mustang GT. It imposes additional strength, further durability & extended support. Overall capability starts to count pretty impressively on every driving session.

Defined Fitment

Its exclusive design somehow manages to fit into a slightly extended Ford Mustang range. You’re to consider 2005 – 2010 models only excluding Bullitt & Shelby. Guaranteed fitment enables precise action ahead of delivering optimal performance.


  1. Superb suspension efficiency.
  2. Functional impact reduction.
  3. O-ring pressurization support.
  4. Minimal handling discomfort.


  1. Slightly large bolt-on top.


How to Choose the Right Shocks and Struts for Ford Mustang? – Buying Guide

Making a subtle purchase within an affordable budget remains difficult with automotive replacements. Still, you’re to take the challenges from the overwhelming options in the market.

Checking specified facts can help you to narrow down the available choices at once. Keep certain considerations in mind to reach the absolute shocks and struts for Mustang.

Vehicle Fitment

The most notable concern lies with your automotive configuration. Different versions of the Ford Mustang remain available on the road. Check the manufacturer’s specs to determine the year, model, fitment & other details.

Frame Materials

Dependable materials can impart additional durability for any replacement. Therefore, you must check the individual contents closely to judge the acceptance. Skip anything to feature low-quality metal or plastic instead of steel.

Sealing Features

Leaks are one common problem to damages the suspension to a great extent. All-weather sealing oil with a supportive O-ring can save you the hassle. Contact the seller to detect further information on its protective sealing.

Package Contents

Speaking of the contents, at least four units must remain present in the package. It’s likely to feature two front struts with two rear shocks for complete coverage. The requirement of further accessories will add up the cost of investment.

System Response

Stability, balance, comfort, alignment, and precision – you’re to expect from a reliable upgrade. And your model is sure to appear compatible with multiple designs. Choose the ultimate one to deliver the benefits at the maximum level.

Protective Surface

Outdoor intrusion remains a primary reason to lower the overall efficiency. A micro-polished chrome finish with additional support imparts high resistance. The intact exterior can deliberately reduce the scale of deterioration elements.

Installing Process

Setting a new replacement for your suspension should stand easy from all perspectives. Otherwise, you may end up causing serious trouble with the alignment. Make sure everything comes in order to perform a hassle-free installation.

Mustang Shocks and Struts Installation Process

Setting a new upgrade for suspension requires extreme care regarding the alignment. Even the slightest distortion can result in devastating consequences. However, you better take a look at the fundamental steps.

#1. Lift the vehicle using jack stands to access the undercarriage. Locate the individual parts on its suspension assembly.

#2. Use a socket with a box-end wrench to loosen the mounting bolts. Remove both the upper & the lower ones from the system.

#3. Apply to wait for a suitable metal cleaner to wipe out the surface dirt. Access the holding tower to occupy the units.

#4. Disconnect the shock or strut from the automotive suspension. Check the holding top/bottom bolts to take out the assembly.

#5. Set the new package strut or shock in the intended position. Start bolting the loosened parts with sufficient wrench torque.

#6. Restore the continuity of suspension support for the units. Check the bolts for proper tightening for no loose connection.

#7. Consult a professional face to face to confirm the alignment. Conduct test drives to determine the overall wheel response.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How long can you drive with bad struts?

Answer: There’s no actual limit to keeping driving with a non-responsive suspension system. In fact, the extent of its severity will decide the probable limit. However, it’s better to arrange replacement or repair as soon as possible.

Q: Should I replace all 4 struts?

Answer: Many car owners often tend to settle for either front or rear changes. But a uniform control should prevail with a matching replacement of the assembly. Therefore, you should consider upgrading all four sides of its suspension.

Q: Do Mustangs have shocks or struts?

Answer: Almost every standard vehicle must feature rear shocks and front struts. It’s no different for Ford Mustang or any other automotive system. And your Mustang integrates some encasing springs of metal to hold the assembly.

Q: Are struts the same as shocks?

Answer: Despite the similar functionality, both parts play distinctive roles. Strut, not the shock, is directly a structural part of your automotive suspension. It’s not possible to use shocks for struts or struts for shocks under any condition.

Q: Can you drive a car with leaking struts?

Answer: Leaks mean faster draining of strut’s all-weather fluid from the inside. Of course, you can continue driving with strut leaks following the detection. However, extreme safety hazards remain at large under the circumstance.

Q: Can you drive without a strut?

Answer: Actually, strut remains one part and parcel of any vehicle’s suspension system. It can’t exist without strut support, let alone maintaining functionality. However, the presence of shock absorbers may hold the drivability for a moment.

Q: Can I get an alignment with bad struts?

Answer: Defective struts cause several issues with the proper system maintenance. And it can affect the mounting bracket eventually to mess with its alignment. It becomes almost impossible to attend to any alignment with faulty brackets.

Final Words

Distorted suspension can lead to severe mechanical consequences with lethal threats on occasion. Therefore, nothing other than the best shocks and struts for Mustang must hold your thoughts. Checking the points from the above discussion is sure to enlighten your mind with rightful ideas.

Drive Tech America leaves no essential features behind for its functional 50145 suspension upgrade. Everything to hold your automotive control, stability, comfort appears in one versatile combination. And you shouldn’t feel any hesitation to spend a reasonable amount on its high-end integration.

Happy Driving.

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