7 Best Shocks and Struts for Toyota Tundra [Top Picks 2021]


Surface roughness or on-road bumps – your automotive system is sure to counter bounces. And it always imposes some negative impacts on the suspension assembly.

Conscious manufacturers settle for supportive front struts against rear shocks. The combined action manages to reduce the deteriorating effect to a considerable extent.

Even for your precious Toyota Tundra, you don’t want to ruin the riding quality. It seems the time to make an investment in the best shocks and struts for Toyota Tundra.

Likewise, too many options are available to rise extreme confusion among everyone. But the words seem ready to give an elaborate detail on some dependable options.

Check out the quick comparison table to know the expert favorites.

Recommended Shocks and Struts for Toyota Tundra – Comparison Table

ProductKey FeatureFitmentPrice
Detroit Axle 171347L-171347R Struts & Spring AssemblyDurable Spring Lifecycle2000 – 2006
Monroe 171347L Shocks & Struts AssemblyLeast On-Road Damage2000 – 2006
Detroit Axle 4AQ250011 Struts – Shocks AssemblyMinimized Leak Paths2000 – 2006
TRQ SKA61053 Complete Strut Shock KitFull Suspension Upgrade2007 – 2018
OREDY GRQW-0150248338 Complete Shocks Struts KitExtremely Tough Support2000 – 2006
Monroe 171347R Quick-Strut Full AssemblyPrecise Steering Return2000 – 2006
DTA 70014X Complete Front Strut AssemblyInsulated Spring Seat2000 – 2006

Top 7 Toyota Tundra Shocks and Struts Reviews

You’re to understand only some fundamental specs of individual products from above. Still, there are several other facts to require your attention on purchase. Explore the in-depth reviews of shocks and struts for Toyota Tundra right below.

1. Detroit Axle 171347L-171347R Struts & Spring Assembly

Detroit Axle 171347L-171347R Struts & Spring Assembly

Technical Details

  • Brand: Detroit Axle
  • Part Number/Model: ‎171347L_171347R
  • Weight: 24 pounds
  • Dimensions: 25 x 9 x 20 inches

Upholds the automotive suspension system against deteriorating on-road elements.

It seems rather difficult to skip an established brand to specialize in suspension. There are many reasons to place your bet on its products.

However, we’re talking about one particular unit to enable a dependable upgrade. And you don’t mind spending worthy bucks for a solid output.

Features & Benefits

OEM Satisfaction

Premium materials cover every individual part of its singular assembly. Excellent vibration handling efficiency makes it one favorite to enjoy a comfortable ride. And explicit OEM satisfaction enables direct fit to skip installation difficulty.

Complete Pack

The best struts for Toyota Tundra pack include everything to save extra expense. Apart from the strut itself, you’ll have the matching coil, spring & mount. Absolute design uniformity lets you save confusion on passenger or driver-side uses.

Special Features

There comes an upper strut mount, SAE nuts and bolts, metal bearings & a low mounting bracket. Its absorbing tube integrates on a rubberized boot to protect against on-road debris. And the piston rod imparts extreme frame ruggedness.


  1. No additional purchase.
  2. Increased frame lifespan.
  3. Additional strut rigidity.
  4. Ready for setup package.


  1. Poor rubber quality.


2. Monroe 171347L Shocks & Struts Assembly

Monroe 171347L Shocks & Struts Assembly

Technical Details

  • Brand: ‎Monroe
  • Model No: 171347L‎
  • Weight: 10 pounds
  • Dimensions: 29.38 x 7.75 x 7.75 inches
  • Exterior: Smooth

Enjoy a pleasant ride without falling for excessive vibration or impact.

Even the next one arrives from another specialized brand on suspension. You’ll have to consider Monroe’s options to upgrade the riding quality.

Its specified assembly for Tundra should provide the benefits without question. And a lower price may hold your conscious mind on its purchase.

Features & Benefits

OE Construction

Application-specific design enables minimal complexity in its installation. Coil spring, bracket mount & strut design manages to establish steady support. And its seamless fitment comes with an exact form & precise function.

Height Restoration

Accurate calibration of the Tundra strut replacement spring holds the actual riding height. And it maintains a steady difference from the lower section. You’ll start enjoying further on-seat comfort, excellent system stability & better handling characteristics.

Vehicle Control

A combination of quality steel, reliable tube & sturdy weld initiates extreme structural integrity. Minimal distorting vibration, body sway & road harshness occupies the suspension. And a smooth response gives you complete control.


  1. Precise vehicular profile.
  2. Great handling support.
  3. Smooth steering action.
  4. Exact design calibration.


  1. Slight setup difficulty.


3. Detroit Axle 4AQ250011 Struts – Shocks Assembly

Detroit Axle 4AQ250011 Struts – Shocks Assembly

Technical Details

  • Brand: ‎Detroit Axle
  • Part Number/Model: ‎4AQ250011
  • Weight: 49.3 pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎22.44 x 6.69 x 16.54 inches

Skip the chances of quick deterioration over heavy on-drive shocks or impact.

And we’re back to Detroit Axle for making the next enlisted option. But it features a somewhat different assembly for your suspension.

In fact, it’s one complete set to change the entire wheel support. The price stands notably high to feature additional automotive devices.

Features & Benefits

Seal Adjustment

Extremely sturdy material makes the piston rod features seal customization. Additional rigidity with superb toughness allows optimal efficiency retention. An intact seal inside the assembly lowers the leak paths to help with its action.

Complete Setup

There are two front struts to feature coil assembly & a supportive mounting bracket. And you’re to utilize the matching shock absorbers for complete replacement. It can introduce absolute system stability against any deteriorating element.

Steady Features

You’re to set everything using the best shocks and struts for 2002 Toyota Tundra. Coil spring of steel initiates an extended lifespan to minimize the vibration. Well-defined oil hydraulic circuit design holds the efficiency for a long.


  1. Almost consistent function.
  2. Minimal vertical movement.
  3. Protective rubberized boot.
  4. Safety promoting structure.


  1. Only 4WD applications.


4. TRQ SKA61053 Complete Strut Shock Kit

TRQ SKA61053 Complete Strut Shock Kit

Technical Details

  • Brand: TRQ
  • Part Number/Model: ‎SKA61053

Extend the actual service life of automotive suspension with protective measures.

TRQ isn’t exactly the righteous brand to cross your mind on suspension upgrades. But it designs SKA61053 to initiate satisfactory system support.

Essential features make a dependable combo towards excellent functionality. And the price tag looks affordable to justify the included package contents.

Features & Benefits

Steady Frame

Solid materials cover their design to impact maximum structural strength. It can impose a straight balance between the vehicle’s different ends for stability. And the durability counts pretty impressively against deteriorating on-road agents.

Complete Change

The 4-piece of aftermarket shocks for Tundra help the suspension to deal with on-road roughness. There come two front struts against two rear shock absorbers. Of course, you can skip worrying about passenger side or driver side confusion.

Fitment Details

Different Tundra versions result in a distinctive range of automotive fitments. But you’re to check only 2007 – 2018 versions with the intended design. It’s likely to include – Base, Limited, Platinum, SR, SRS & 1794 Edition.


  1. Accurate usability details.
  2. Superior design longevity.
  3. Great element resistance.
  4. Matching system upgrade.


  1. Slight rear squeaking.


5. OREDY GRQW-0150248338 Complete Shocks Struts Kit

OREDY GRQW-0150248338 Complete Shocks Struts Kit

Technical Details

  • Brand: ‎OREDY
  • Part Number/Model: ‎GRQW-0150248338
  • Weight: ‎44.6 pounds
  • Dimensions: 25.59 x 18.9 x 10.04 inches

Ensure optimum suspension support against anything to cause its eventual deterioration.

Not many aftermarket brands can impose every feature in their product line. But OREDY surely leaves an impression using a versatile design combo.

It introduces one kit to include almost everything you need for the job. Likewise, the price continues to match its outcome to hold your investment.

Features & Benefits

Hollow Bumper

A premium-quality bumper with no solid core saves the damage on shocks or impact. Specified valving enables a comforting ride with improved handling. Additional SAE support enables an intact position to resist the deterioration.

Spring Features

Individual steel coil springs feature precise calibration for the Tundra suspension upgrade. The upper spring seat prevents the vibration from transmitting, maintaining the riding height. And lower spring isolators curtail metal friction to eliminate noise.

System Support

A Minimum number of steps will require your effort to complete its installation. No coil compression, change, or special tools are necessary for the task. Better stability comes with a weaker swing to support engine startup.


  1. Comfortable riding quality.
  2. Hard-chromed piston rod.
  3. Extremely precise finishing.
  4. Smooth contacting surface.


  1. Chatter over bumps.


6. Monroe 171347R Quick-Strut Complete Strut Assembly

Monroe 171347R Quick-Strut Complete Strut Assembly

Technical Details

  • Brand: Monroe
  • Part Number/Model: ‎171347R
  • Weight: 10 pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎25 x 5.7 x 6.5 inches
  • Exterior: Machined

Save the expensive hassles of upgrading the suspension every now & then.

And we have another conceivable option from dependable Monroe right here. But you’re to make a front upgrade using the single-piece strut.

Lack of shocks surely seems one minus for the best quick struts for Tundra. The price remains affordable but expensive for its contents.

Features & Benefits

Bearing Plate

Completely new bearing plate of steady steel enables consistent steering return. Its precise action helps to eliminate the distorting ‘memory steer’ issue. Overall surface smoothness minimizes the metal-to-metal contact noises on purpose.

Spring Support

Precise calibration of individual spring segments holds the entire system weight. And a matching upper spring seat complements the riding characteristics. Powder-coated finish over its painted surface resists deteriorating rust or corrosion.

Mounting Specs

Every integrated component stands to meet OE satisfaction to its optimum extent. In fact, OE-style bearings come with SAE-grade nuts and bolts for support. Excellent rubber boot-to-steel bonding prevails for the top-quality steel plating.


  1. Consistent riding height.
  2. A protective boot of rubber.
  3. Least noise transmission.
  4. An accurate offset of spring.


  1. Softer front bounces.


7. DTA 70014X Complete Front Strut Assembly

DTA 70014X Complete Front Strut Assembly

Technical Details

  • Part Number/Model: 70014X
  • Weight: 58 pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎24 x 14 x 10 inches

Upgrade the holding automotive assembly to counteract the damaging elements.

DRIVE TECH AMERICA seems one reliable brand to deliver multiple quality products. And it’s likely to close the review with another top-notch upgrade.

The intended assembly stands to change your front section for secure driving. Its purchase will cost you considerable yet worthy bucks from the wallet.

Features & Benefits

Metal Spring

Heat-treated coil springs of durable steel feature protective powder coating on their exterior. No moisture or friction can damage the surface to trigger sudden failure/leaks. Insulation of the spring seat enables maximum quietness to improve ride quality.

Standard Seal

Nitrogen gas charges the best shocks and struts for 2000 Toyota Tundra to hold the weight. Piston seal integrates a 4-lip Teflon band with an all-weather SV3 fluid. Meanwhile, a micro-polished piston rod to have a chrome finish maintains consistency in surface contact.

Full Package

It’s a 4-piece set to include matching shock absorbers for the front struts. Likewise, you’re to install two front struts with two rear shocks to make the replacement. A defined 2000 – 2006 2WD/4WD application requires no change prior to its installation.


  1. Enduring heat treatment.
  2. N2 charge with SV3 fluid.
  3. Comfortable ride quality.
  4. Chrome-plated piston rod.


  1. Poor shock fitment.


Buying Guide

There are too many differences to notice with individual options available for a suspension upgrade. And you’re to scratch your head with extreme confusion arriving in the market.

But certain considerations can let you eliminate unnecessary ones from the list. Check the essential points to figure out the best shocks and struts for Toyota Tundra with comfort.

System Fitment

Even for Toyota Tundra, you’re to check the distinctive models from different years. The discussion explicitly concerns a coverage to continue for 2000 – 2006 or 2007 – 2018 engines. Check every detail from the manufacturer’s manual to avoid an erroneous purchase.

Vehicle Response

It’s impossible to expect the upgrade to restore your automotive suspension right away. In fact, the assembly takes time to hold the vehicle to its maximum benefits. However, you shouldn’t neglect to notice the slight changes following its installation.

Sealing Options

Surface leak remains a major cause to initiate premature, early or sudden strut/shock failure. Therefore, you must look into the surface conditions to confirm its absolute intactness. Don’t forget to judge the material quality, design precision, coil spring, or holding bolts.

Package Contents

You’re to encounter distinction in the assembly on purchase. In fact, not everybody prepares to change the entire suspension. But it seems one great idea to upgrade the assembly for the outcome. However, you ought to settle for something to lack definite parts.

Setup Completion

Installation of the assembly should remain easy without requiring any particular change. It includes – zero on-arrival disassemblies, no modification & minimal tool requirements. Check the instruction manual on the complete setup guide with optimum clarity.

Toyota Tundra Strut Replacement Process

Setting a new pair of front struts requires no particular expertise. But the replacement may affect the existing suspension alignment. Therefore, you may want to leave the process to a professional. Yet, you may check the primary steps to accomplish the change.

#1. Utilize a sturdy floor jack to lift the vehicle’s front section. Stabilize the lifted portion using a jack stand.

#2. Loosen to remove the holding wheel nuts with a tire iron. Simply take out the front wheels from the assembly.

#3. Locate the retaining bolts to keep the existing struts intact. Use a ratchet & wrench to loosen the bolts.

#4. Carefully remove the mounting nuts to pull the strut out. Repeat the processing steps on its other side.

#5. Attach the new struts to the upper mounting nuts. Tighten the connection using its specific torque.

#6. Insert the lower mounting bolt to secure the strut. Again, apply the recommended torque to the bolts.

#7. Initiate the same steps on its other side. Start with the driver’s side to finish with the passenger side.

#8. Reinstall the front wheels to restore the holding nuts. Remove the support to get your Tundra on the ground.

What Happens If a Strut Breaks while Driving?

Failure of one strut on driving isn’t exactly uncommon. And you’re to start losing other functional parts with its eventual damage. The affected side starts to move faster, abruptly & further. And it’ll cause problems for another strut to cope with the situation.

Distorted movement initiates extreme strain on the interdependent parts. And the wheel tires will struggle to maintain consistent surface contact. You’ll completely lose automotive control on rougher surfaces. And it surely possesses major on-drive threats.

How to Temporary Fix for Bad Struts?

It’s difficult to settle for any temporary fix without knowing the problem’s extent. You can tie the strut to its holding assembly to reduce the damage. But it’s unlikely to work every time on the road.

You must contact nearby garages or mechanics to discuss the situation. Even the slightest assist can help you to overcome devastating outcomes. No matter what, it’s better to skip riding with bad struts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What to replace when replacing struts?

Answer: Struts remain an essential part of the automotive suspension system. And you shouldn’t neglect the distorting effects regarding its upgrade. Setting a supportive shock assembly can suffice the strut replacement for maximum benefits.

Q: How should new struts feel?

Answer: Of course, you shouldn’t expect immediate greatness with a suspension upgrade. Following the installation, several hundred miles on its first run may remain somewhat bumpy. It should feel notably rigid, stiff & intact with no viable improvements.

Q: Can you drive with a broken strut mount?

Answer: Broken strut mount will start messing with your on-road driving alignment. It can no longer resist shock/impact, causing extreme discomfort. And the vehicle becomes unstable & imbalanced to pose an emergency threat.

Q: Will new struts improve ride?

Answer: Obviously, one particular task concerns minimal vibration for a comforting ride. Likewise, there are several other positive points to occur with new struts. But improved rides can enable better on-road handling characteristics.

Q: How much for Tundra struts replacement cost?

Answer: The total replacement cost should include its purchasing tag along with the labor charge. The price tag can start from $100 to reach $400 for different cases. Meanwhile, the labor charge should remain within $150 to $250.

Q: How long do struts last?

Answer: An absolute lifespan of 10 years should suffice a strut assembly under normal conditions. Heavy use can limit the actual service to 40000/50000 miles. But it’s better to check for any negative points to require replacements.

Final Words

Your suspension requires eventual replacement to deal with the on-road elements. It’s not a viable strategy to ignore a subtle upgrade to hold the entire assembly. Better check the best shocks and struts for Toyota Tundra from our expert-suggested list.

And Detroit Axle 171347L-171347R seems to satisfy all the requirements to its optimum extent. The simple yet ergonomic strut assembly can unveil the system’s smoothness right away. Meanwhile, a specified tag coincides with the useful combo of features.

Happy Driving.

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