7 Best Struts for Honda Accord [Reviews & Buying Guide 2021]


Driving comfort on any road depends on several factors to influence the vehicle. And you can’t appreciate a bumpy ride, regardless of other considerations.

Automotive suspension explicitly integrates struts on the corners to address the distortion. It takes a direct part in dissipating the on-road impacts with resulting vibrations.

Not a single design remains available without suspension struts, not even your Accord. Likewise, you’re to consider its viable replacements from time to time.

Checking into the best struts for Honda Accord isn’t exactly easy for many. Stick with our in-depth expert suggestions to figure out the absolute considerations.

Let’s have a look at the quick comparison to know the top picks.

Top Struts for Honda Accord – Comparison Table

ProductKey FeatureWeight (lbs)FitmentPrice
1. Detroit Axle - Front Rear Strut ReplacementHydraulic Circuit Design61.01998 – 2002
2. MOCA 172123L / 172123R / 171372 Full SetOne-Piece Strut Assembly53.72003 – 2007
3. Complete Struts 4-11091-15280-1 Front & Rear SetReduction of Down-Time72.01998 – 2002
4. SCITOO Complete Strut Shock Coil Spring AssemblyMinimal Component Damage59.42003 – 2007
5. OREDY Shocks and Struts Front PairPremium Hollow Bumper37.01998 – 2002
6. KYB SR4190 Strut Plus Complete Corner Unit AssemblyPolished Exterior Coating17.1N/A
7. Unity Front and Rear 4WD Complete Strut KitTorqued Top Mount70.72003 – 2007

7 High-Performance Honda Accord Struts Reviews

Not a lot of information on the comparison table requires slight elaborate discussion. And you should check the expert details on the individual product. Start exploring the Most Used Honda Accord struts from below.

1. Detroit Axle – Front Rear Strut Replacement

Detroit Axle - Front Rear Strut Replacement

Technical Details

  • Brand: Detroit Axle
  • Model: 10141-8
  • Weight: 61 pounds
  • Dimensions: 29 x 14 x 7 inches

Support the automotive weight to secure the suspension integrity on every session.

And the first enlisted option appears from none other than Detroit Axle. It’s a noteworthy brand to feature a distinctive line of automotive products.

However, the complete strut replacement should suffice the suspension support requirements. Not many choices are available to change the entire strut.

Features & Benefits

Premium Materials

Protective metal in explicit density comes with optimum structural support. It imparts astounding longevity to counteract the damaging on-road forces. Every individual part satisfies OE standards to meet the actual specifications.

Setup Support

Installation counts pretty solid with the best aftermarket struts for Honda Accord. There comes a precise mounting bracket with an upper strut mount. You’ll face no difficulty in setting the pack for the 1998 – 2002 Honda Accord.

Complete Assembly

A total of 8 pieces come with their arrived package, covering the entire suspension. In fact, it seems one deliberate front-rear replacement option. Likewise, you’re to check the sway bars with coil springs to match the struts.


  1. Protective rubberized boot.
  2. High-frequency heat support.
  3. Extremely rigid piston rod.
  4. Reduced on-road vibration.


  1. On-use leakage issues.


2. MOCA 172123L / 172123R / 171372 Full Set

MOCA 172123L / 172123R / 171372 Full Set

Technical Details

  • Model: E216369LR-E214116
  • Weight: 53.7 pounds
  • Dimensions: 30.31 x 12.2 x 11.82 inches

Keep up the riding comfort without looking back into the outdoor deterioration.

Another dependable yet underrated brand to have a product line concerns MOCA. Its 20-year experience on top automotive parts should hold your attention.

But the intended assembly comes ready to serve your vehicle’s suspension demands. It’s time for you to skip rougher rides on extreme road surfaces.

Features & Benefits

Exclusive Design

It lets you make a one-stop shopping to change the suspension’s suffering. Definite profile manages to integrate exact design, superior engineering & immediate fit. Extended durability comes with proper maintenance to follow a certain interval.

Strict Support

Experienced OEM experts maintain a quality fit, form & function from every extent. And the outcome meets the strictest MOCA standards. Individual components to make the assembly stands for maximum system performance.

Precise Fitment

The design fits multiple popular versions for Honda Accord from 2003 to 2007. You’re to check 2.4L L4 as well as 3.0L V6 in particular. Not to mention, the model requirement goes for EX, LX, SE & DX.


  1. Absolute OEM satisfaction.
  2. Complete strut replacement.
  3. Loaded assembly for the job.
  4. Minimal on-drive vibrations.


  1. Slightly faster deterioration.


3. Complete Struts 4-11091-15280-1 Front & Rear Set

Complete Struts 4-11091-15280-1 Front & Rear Set

Technical Details

  • Model: 4-11091-15280-1
  • Weight: ‎72 pounds
  • Dimensions: 24 x 16 x 8 inches

Allow the entire suspension to become intact against damaging shock or impact.

How about a dependable brand to specialize in automotive suspension only? That’s right, Complete Struts seems ready to solve your control problems.

The featured package includes everything necessary to upgrade the assembly. And it concerns the Detroit Axle’s alternative regarding similar fitment.

Features & Benefits

Assembled Design

Total four units are available to change the suspension from the front to its back. The pre-assembled design saves you hassle in the installation process. In fact, you’re to spend at least 1 hour up to 4 hours on the setup.

Precise Components

Top-quality structural components feature a well-defined Honda Accord struts replacement. No recycled or old parts manage to get on the design. And it promotes actual longevity with fewer on-road deteriorating encounters.

Exclusive Materials

Polypropylene spring isolator holds nitrogen gas with hydraulic oil from inside. In addition, there comes a premium bearing plate for the top mount. It also integrates a rubber dust boot, bump stop & steel coil spring.


  1. Hydraulic oil integration.
  2. Top-quality bearing plate.
  3. Precise details on fitment.
  4. Spring isolating polymer.


  1. Loud squeaking noise.


4. SCITOO Complete Strut Shock Coil Spring Assembly

SCITOO Complete Strut Shock Coil Spring Assembly

Technical Details

  • Brand: SCITOO
  • Model: ‎800477-5206-2028111051
  • Weight: ‎59.4 pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎29.92 x 12.2 x 11.02 inches

Upgrade the overall suspension capability to hold the maximum automotive weight.

Of course, SCITOO isn’t exactly the first name to cross your mind at once. But the brand produces multiple models to fit the demands.

And the chosen package comes ready to handle the front suspension system. There’s no need to check for its quality, function, or setup.

Features & Benefits

Absolute Quality

The intended design happens to hold ISO/TS16949 certification for excellent quality. Premium materials cover almost everything to match the price. Likewise, heat-treated steel makes the coil reduces vibrations.

Extreme Support

Standard Teflon-bonded piston seal keeps the damaging friction down to great extent. Low-temp support enables even valve operation towards longevity. Nitrogen-charged design tunes satisfy specific handling.

Wide Application

Complete strut-shock assembly covers several popular models to feature Honda Accord. DX Sedan, EX Coup, EX Sedan, LX Sedan, LX Coup, SE Coup makes the list. And the overall fitment goes for 2003 up to 2007 designs.


  1. Durable suspension assembly.
  2. Advanced design technology.
  3. Precise stability determination.
  4. Simplified installation process.


  1. Poor initial response.


5. OREDY Shocks and Struts Front Pair

OREDY Shocks and Struts Front Pair

Technical Details

  • Brand: OREDY
  • Model: GRQW-1029364085
  • Weight: 37 pounds
  • Dimensions: 25.59 x 18.9 x 10.04 inches

Initiate a superior mechanism to reduce the on-road impact towards the ride.

Front suspension often ends up causing serious damage reading extreme impact. And OREDY seems to develop a convenient solution for you.

Its defined assembly restores the actual efficiency of comforting rides. Likewise, you may want to check a matching set for the rear section.

Features & Benefits

Damped Steel Coil

Its functional coil spring features a to-notch design of imported SAE9254 steel. Continued compression tests reveal its absolute service on demand. The exterior remains capable of sustaining less than 5% deformation.

Built-in Piston Rod

Integrated piston rod enables high rigidity with extreme system toughness. High-frequency heat treatment initiates exceptional sturdiness for the best shocks and struts for Honda Accord. Precise polish retains the exterior smoothness towards superior response.

Exclusive Support

OREDY believes in maximum customer support for its versatile product line. It recommends a steady 12,000 miles of interval for a damage inspection. Meanwhile, you’re replacing the struts every 50,000 miles.


  1. Matching rubberized boots.
  2. Superb exterior protection.
  3. Dependable hollow bumper.
  4. Precise insulation for spring.


  1. Slight grinds on turns.


6. KYB SR4190 Strut Plus Complete Corner Unit Assembly

KYB SR4190 Strut Plus Complete Corner Unit Assembly

Technical Details

  • Brand: KYB
  • Model: SR4190
  • Weight: 17.1 pounds

Stabilize the vehicle movements on all conditions, leaving the surface roughness behind.

Likewise, brands like KYB shouldn’t make your top list without suggestions. It obviously introduces a superior assembly to match your needs.

However, it’s a single-piece unit to fit either the front or its back. Therefore, you don’t have to spend extra bucks on a full set without necessity.

Features & Benefits

Secure Exterior

The polished outer surface holds a protective coating to keep the metal intact. As it happens, the coat even helps with the resistance to corrosion, rust & damage. No leaks can occur to spoil the gas or oil intensity inside the mechanism.

OEM Support

The one-unit pack features almost every essential feature to update the suspension. Absolute OEM satisfaction is ready to surpass the existing expectation. But you’re to check the automotive specs to enable a supportive fit.

Precise Fitment

Exact setup design saves the structure from unorthodox installation hassles. But you’re to contact the manufacturer/seller to know its coverage regarding Accord. However, pre-assembled appeal helps with its immediate setup in hours.


  1. Almost constant ride height.
  2. Excellent handling capability.
  3. Improvised material design.
  4. Faster efficiency restoration.


  1. No details on fitment.


7. Unity Front and Rear 4WD Complete Strut Kit

Unity Front and Rear 4WD Complete Strut Kit

Technical Details

  • Model: 4-11871-15050-001
  • Weight: 70.7 pounds
  • Dimensions: 76 x 18 x 14 inches

Manage the vehicular control with a steady suspension regarding convenient upgrades.

And it’s the last product to make our list with conceivable structural quality. UNITY Automotive remains another brand to gain insufficient recognition.

But the intended kit exclusively covers both the front & rear sections. You can impose maximum riding comfort with its high-quality replacement upgrade.

Features & Benefits

Complete Pack

The package includes everything necessary to hold the entire assembly. Not to mention, you’ll have 4 struts in total to cover the suspension. It counts bearing plate, spring isolators, coil springs, spring seats & the strut.

Premium Frame

Every individual part to assemble the best shocks for Honda Accord integrates superb materials. The polished exterior features a protective coating to counteract the moisture. Premium sealing with robotic TIG welds keeps the internal mechanism intact.

Steady Fitment

Fitment counts somewhat standard with the featured package. Likewise, it fits into multiple popular models from Honda Accord within 2003 – 2007. It also supports 4-cyl Accord in the same range to exclude the hybrids.


  1. Supportive design materials.
  2. Restored factory-ride height.
  3. Protective system features.
  4. Original Equipment changes.


  1. Slight limits on fitment.


How to Choose the Most Suitable Struts for Your Honda Accord?

No automotive suspension can perform its function without integrated struts. There are several factors to consider for avoiding erroneous purchases. Keeping the criteria can easily figure out the honda accord struts replacement.

Vehicle Fitment

The foremost consideration lies with precise automotive fitment. And it’s something more than just the yearly versions. You must check into the relevant details (model, size, specs) from the manual.

Strut Category

You’re to look into different models available in terms of placement positions. It covers – only front struts, only rear struts, front & rear struts & even shock-strut assembly. Make sure you know the right requirements for the change.

Frame Material

Almost all struts in the market feature heavy steel structures to weight notable pounds. Still, you better check the individual parts to confirm the quality. It may count coil spring, mounting bracket, exterior finish & others.

System Response

It’s rather important for you to check the initial or intermediate response. Not every strut is made equal to serve your suspension. Right there, you can sort the available options for durable standings.

Exterior Surface

The outer section remains prone to damaging elements without any protection. But built-in systems themselves can extend the overall longevity. Closely observe the coat to judge its ability to prevent possible damage.

What Happens If You Don’t Replace Struts?

Strut replacement is almost compulsory for any automotive vehicle. If you stick with the invalid struts, we have some seriously bad news for you. And you obviously don’t want to risk your life on some bucks.

  • Driving becomes noticeably uncomfortable with vibrations.
  • Frequent bumps on hitting rough spots to cause distortion.
  • Extreme damage to the power steering, getting stuck often.
  • Faster rate of tire wear, requiring costly fix on longer drives.
  • Further frictional loss over extensive metal surface contact.
  • Loss of control on the certain driving difficulty to possess risks.
  • Consistent vehicle instability with deteriorating suspension.

Replacing Struts on Honda Accord

Making changes in automotive suspension can become tricky for ordinary persons. It’s better to leave the job for professionals without knowledge. However, you may check the following points to give it a try with certain skills.

#1. Lift the vehicle to support the structure on jack stands. Choose a subtle rust penetrant to treat the bolts & nuts.

#2. Open the engine hood to apply the cleaner on its lower bracket. Mount the angle gauge on its rotor to note the angle.

#3. Disconnect the stabilizing bar end link with other brake lines. Start Loosening the nut using a socket and ratchet.

#4. Remove the end link from strut assembly to keep it aside. Check the wheel speed sensor wiring for disconnection.

#5. Remove the bolted nuts to separate the knuckle from the struts. Check the strut flange contact with the CV boot.

#6. Carefully loosen the strut bolts to prevent any damage to the boot. Remove the strut bolts to hold its assembly.

#7. Remove the strut to place its replacement on the slot. Reset the angle before setting the bolts with the right torque.

#8. Restore all the connections in a reversed order on removal. Get the installation checked by pros on its alignment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does a Honda Accord have struts or shocks?

Answer: Struts are essential components of any automotive suspension. However, most designs prefer matching shocks to deal with instability. And Honda Accord primarily features struts as well as shocks to reduce the impact.

Q: How much does it cost to replace struts on a Honda Accord?

Answer: The average cost to replace the suspension struts can reach up to $1000. The labor charge counts from $200 to $300, varying in different states. And the initial strut investment requires an explicit $250 to $700, depending on the configuration.

Q: How long do struts last on a Honda Accord?

Answer: Overall longevity strictly depends on your driving skills, road condition & using sessions. In fact, different models feature distinctive lifespans. But you’re sure to check for replacements after 50,000 miles to reach 100,00 miles.

Final Words

Absolute driving instability prevails with defective struts, possessing serious threats. You can’t afford the risks of a faulty assembly to hold the precious design intact. Settling for the absolute best struts for Honda Accord can suffice your requirements right away.

And the Detroit Axle Strut seems to remain on top for many good reasons. The trustworthy brand successfully integrates almost every fundamental feature in a combo. Meanwhile, a matching tag enables a conceivable quality to price ratio on purchase.

Happy Driving.

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