8 Best Struts for Toyota Camry [Reviews & Top Picks 2021]


Bumps or uneven road surfaces are sure to initiate an automotive bounce. And the practical scenario often goes beyond tolerance on rougher tracks.

Of course, the suspension system suffers worse than your driving attention. However, the assembly features explicit shocks to reduce the negative effects.

But the integration of struts can enable further stabilization of your system. For Toyota Camry owners, its significance counts pretty well on demand.

You don’t have to waste precious time on the overwhelming options. Our expert team narrowed down the best struts for Toyota Camry for you.

Check the tabulated comparison at once to know the suggested picks.

Top Struts for Toyota Camry – Comparison Table

ProductKey FeatureFitmentPrice
1. Detroit Axle 10064-8 Front Rear StrutsProtective Absorber Tube1997 – 2003
2. OREDY GRQW-1057809323 Shock and StrutPremium Hollow Bumper2012 – 2017
3. Detroit Axle 8QS1300574 Strut AssemblyHydraulic Circuit System2007 – 2011
4. Monroe Quick-Strut 172205 AssemblyRestoration of Riding Height2004 – 2006
5. OREDY 157338 Complete Shocks & Struts SetLower Spring Isolators2002 – 2003
6. AUTOMUTO 800391-5227-1411152141 Strut AssemblyAbsolute Steering Return2007 – 2012
7. OREDY 155320 Struts and ShocksReduced Internal Wear1997 – 2003
8. UNITY AUTOMOTIVE 4-11181-15031-001 Strut AssemblyComfortably Stable Support1997 – 2003


8 High-Performance Toyota Camry Struts Reviews

Checking every associated fact is impossible with the slight comparison table. Therefore, you need to look into the comprehensive discussion on individual choice. Start exploring the best struts for Toyota Camry reviews from below.

1. Detroit Axle 10064-8 Front Rear Struts Set

Detroit Axle 10064-8 Front Rear Struts Set

Technical Details

  • Brand: Detroit Axle
  • Model: 10064-8
  • Weight: 89.6 pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎19 x 12 x 6 inches
  • Folding: ‎No

Ensure strictly dependable support for your vehicle’s existing suspension system.

Only a few brands explicitly specialize in suitable suspension upgrades. And you’ll have to encounter Detroit Axle at certain points.

Advanced mechanical support keeps your system stable against all on-road odds. Likewise, the price appears to somewhat match the intended features.

Features & Benefits

Extreme Design

Durable frame materials enable maximum longevity towards superior action. It can easily withstand the absolute deteriorating impact right on the suspension. Additional handling comfort lets you set full control over rougher tracks.

Complete Assembly

No surprise comes with the best replacement struts for Toyota Camry. It’s one 8-piece set to contain 4 different units in pairs. There are two front struts against two rear struts. And the supportive sway bars count the same to match the struts.

Standard Fitment

For Camry, the usability covers a subtle 1997 – 2001 version for 2.2L engines. Meanwhile, it even supports Toyota Solara from 1999 up to 2003, featuring 2.2L or 2.4L. However, you’re to consider a definite production date for confirmation.


  1. Protective black outer finish.
  2. Absorber tube on the rubber boot.
  3. Functional coil spring of steel.
  4. Minimal automotive vibration.


  1. Problems regarding setup.


2. OREDY GRQW-1057809323 Shock and Strut

OREDY GRQW-1057809323 Shock and Strut

Technical Details

  • Brand: ‎OREDY
  • Manufacturer Part Number: GRQW-1057809323
  • Weight: 20.3 pounds
  • Dimensions: 24.8 x 9.06 x 9.06 inches
  • Exterior: Painted

Allow a superior shock or impact dampening to enjoy comfortable rides.

OREDY deliberately designs one dependable set to support the front suspension. It’s one package to feature matching shocks to help the struts.

Everything on the structure stands incredibly satisfactory to every extent. Spending worthy bucks should suffice the beneficial purchase on demand.

Features & Benefits

Particular Design

A dependable hollow bumper protects individual device components against damage. Suspension bottoming out will impose a minimal effect on the wheel package. Supportive dust boot enables a protective system to counteract on-road debris.

Assembled Fitment

The complete kit remains perfectly compatible with several Camry versions. You can consider the design for multiple V6 3.5L or L4 2.5L models. However, the yearly version should remain confined to the modern 2012 – 2017 vehicles.

Supportive Spring

The Toyota Camry struts replacement takes a direct part in reducing on-impact vibration. The insulating action enables minimal noise generation towards superb ride quality. Completely loaded assembly initiates maximum operating safety.


  1. Quality assembly components.
  2. Low noise or vibration transfer.
  3. Noticeable increase in lifespan.
  4. Premium bearings attachment.


  1. Not for SE vehicular models.


3. Detroit Axle 8QS1300574 Strut Assembly

Detroit Axle 8QS1300574 Strut Assembly

Technical Details

  • Brand: Detroit Axle
  • Part Number: 8QS1300574
  • Weight: 88.2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 19 x 12 x 6 inches

Initiate handling ease on the rougher tracks with extreme support.

Even the next dependable option happens to arrive from Detroit Axle. But the intended assembly should hold explicit differences from the other.

The best struts for Toyota Camry 2011 stand to serve modern systems. And the price tag stands reasonable for complete purchase satisfaction.

Features & Benefits

Heavy-Duty Material

The integrated components feature top-quality materials for optimized action. And the combination remains intact to withstand all sorts of deteriorating elements. You ought to receive an extended service life regarding its function.

Precise Installation

Completion of setup requires no definite or complex steps to cost you otherwise. In fact, all parts appear complete for installation towards hassle-free support. Likewise, it’s better to leave the upgrades to a professional mechanic.

Complete Assembly

Coming to the assembly, the set of 8 individual pieces explicitly includes 4 distinctive units. There come two front struts with a supportive front sway bar pair. Even for the rear section, the struts count two against two matching sway bars.


  1. Minimized vibrations on impact.
  2. Protective material combination.
  3. Incredible suspension response.
  4. Built-in hydraulic circuit system.


  1. Somewhat noisy on shock.


4. Monroe Quick-Strut 172205 Assembly

Monroe Quick-Strut 172205 Assembly

Technical Details

  • Brand: Monroe
  • Model: 172205
  • Weight: ‎5 pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎25.8 x 8.1 x 8.9 inches

Control the suspension movement to ensure minimal distortion on riding impact.

Several aftermarket brands are on the trend with top-quality automotive replacements. However, Monroe should occupy top positions with promising parts.

Its best shocks and struts for Toyota Camry restore absolute suspension safety. And the price tag comes somewhat low to hold the intense competition.

Features & Benefits

Explicit Structure

Every included component manages to satisfy crucial OE specs. Seamless formation enables immediate fitment for precise vehicular functionality. And the package includes the necessary pre-assembled mount, spring & strut for installation.

Additional Integrity

High-quality steel parts feature well-specified coil springs for optimum response. It manages to restore the actual riding height with upgraded strut rods. Additional flexibility prevails with the structural integrity to maintain minimal impact.

Complete Repair

Exact calibration leaves no additional specs to cause any setup trouble. Its unfortunate fitment coverage a noticeably confined 2004 – 2006 range. But the package contains one fully assembled unit, eliminating the need for a spring compressor.


  1. Absolute system alignment.
  2. Complete control of steering.
  3. Consistency in riding height.
  4. Thick tube with steady welds.


  1. Front end seems sloppy.


5. OREDY 157338 Complete Shocks & Struts Set

OREDY 157338 Complete Shocks & Struts Set

Technical Details

  • Brand: OREDY
  • Model: ‎157338
  • Weight: 106.6 pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎30.12 x 19.69 x 10.43 inches
  • Folding: No

Promote vehicular comfort using a fully functional impact dampening upgrade.

And OREDY happens to introduce another high-quality suspension upgrade set. Of course, acceptance remains different in terms of compatibility.

But the structural design seems to feature the same items all over. And the price tag counts somewhat well, concerning the obvious facts.

Features & Benefits

Premium Design

It integrates premium strut technology to hold the application requirements. Not to mention, matching steel bearings comes with SAE nuts with additional bolts. And it establishes one dependable rubber-steel bonding.

Protective Support

Integrated hollow bumper resists possible damage of strut components. Minimal transmission of distorting noise or vibration keeps the system occupied. Meanwhile, enduring strut boot enables reduced damage from on-road debris.

Particular Spring

Accurate calibration makes the coil spring functional to every plausible extent. Steady steel supports the vehicular weight towards the correct riding height. Lower spring isolators prohibit metal-to-metal contact, eliminating friction & noise.


  1. Minimized frictional damage.
  2. Protective interior O-ring seal.
  3. Extreme rubber-steel bonding.
  4. High-quality metal structure.


  1. Confined fitment specs.


6. AUTOMUTO 800391-5227-1411152141 Strut Assembly

AUTOMUTO 800391-5227-1411152141 Strut Assembly

Technical Details

  • Brand: AUTOR
  • Model: ‎800391-5227-1411152141
  • Weight: 97 pounds
  • Dimensions: 29.92 x 16.93 x 16.46 inches

Secure your vulnerable automotive suspension assembly from destructive wheel impact force.

Chances are good to skip brands like AUTOMUTO on any automotive purchase. But it manages to leave you no choice but to hold the option.

It’s one excellent upgrade to counteract the deteriorating on-road elements. And the price stands impressive, matching the integrated features.

Features & Benefits

Absolute Function

Guaranteed improvement in driving stability minimizes the overall system distortion. Reduction of on-impact vibration barely gets to reach the seats. An additional sense of comfort with handling ease enables extreme mechanical support on the action.

Spring Support

Precise calibration of coil spring enables maximum automotive weight support. The upper spring seat promises consistency on the best struts for 2009 Toyota Camry. It prohibits the transmission of noise or vibration. The additional coating protects the exterior segment from rust or corrosion.

Precise Assembly

Complete setup remains free of putting the pieces together upon arrival. Strut, mount, spring, boot, bumper, seat & even isolator comes in the intended unit. You don’t have to spend time or effort regarding a satisfactory installation by yourself.


  1. Steering return from the plate.
  2. Accurate spring calibration.
  3. Superb system smoothness.
  4. Corrected height for rides.


  1. Slightly defective design.


7. OREDY 155320 Struts and Shocks

OREDY 155320 Struts and Shocks

Technical Details

  • Brand: OREDY
  • Model: 155320
  • Weight: ‎49.9 pounds
  • Dimensions: 30.12 x 19.29 x 10.24 inches
  • Folding: No

Time to initiate superior suspension security on incredibly poor road conditions.

Another choice from the best strut brand for Toyota Camry stands on the list. The 155320 features fundamental specs in a dependable combo.

Meanwhile, standard features maintain straight mechanical support on demand. And the tag remains viable from every considerable perspective.

Features & Benefits

Internal Support

The internal section features a lubricating oil to reduce metal surface friction. It also possesses highly protective anti-foam & anti-shear characteristics for the structure. And minimal eventual damage will occur to shorten the lifespan.

Overall Stability

The upgrade almost immediately weakens the swinging feature for your vehicle. Continued startup & braking initiates further stability towards the response. Absolutely slight bump will barely distort your position, holding the comfort.

Simplified Frame

Every single component to make the design comes assembled upon arrival. There’s no need to take anything apart or make an addition. It even eliminates the necessity of coil spring compression. And its setup requires no specialized tools.


  1. Durable strut boot support.
  2. Constant upper spring seat.
  3. High-quality steel materials.
  4. Eliminated noise distortion.


  1. Very high riding height.


8. UNITY AUTOMOTIVE 4-11181-15031-001 Strut Assembly

UNITY AUTOMOTIVE 4-11181-15031-001 Strut Assembly

Technical Details

  • Model: 4-11181-15031-001
  • Weight: 46.8 pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎105 x 21 x 17 inches
  • Exterior: Painted

Stabilize your vehicular movements on roads using reliable suspension support.

And we would like to close the review with one less-known brand. There’s no need to turn your back on UNITY Automotive without knowledge.

The complete kit stands to keep your vehicle comfortable on rides. You ought to spend some worthy bucks on its high-quality service outcome.

Features & Benefits

Safe Suspension

Your automotive system receives absolute security against all odds. Necessary parts appear in a versatile combo towards extreme longevity. Minimization of distorting vibration or metal noise imposes superior comfort.

Precise Installation

Everything on the best struts for 1999 Toyota Camry comes precisely shaped. And the entire setup process stands pretty straight with precise action. Superb fitment with hassle-free installation surely saves time, money & effort.

Certain Fitment

As you can understand, the assembly has to support Camry models. However, the usability remains confined to a standard 1997 up to 2001 versions. Meanwhile, it explicitly checks into Toyota Solara from 1999 up to 2003.


  1. Stable system comfort.
  2. Consistent riding height.
  3. Original factory change.
  4. Hassle-free installation.


  1. No special features.


How to Choose the Best Replacement Struts for Toyota Camry?

The suspension covers one vital segment of every individual automotive design. And you can afford the risks associated with low-quality, ineffective, or poorly functional struts.

There are multiple considerations to let you determine the overall strut quality. Know the essential facts to invest in the suitable struts for Toyota Camry with ease.

System Fitment

As you should notice for the comparison, there are different versions available. You must choose a subtle strut to match the year, model, specs & size. Determining the facts from the manufacturer’s manual should immediately narrow down the choices.

Integrated Parts

One single strut consists of individual parts to make the assembly. And you must look into the associated parts for maximum quality. The consideration should follow – mount, coil spring, bearing plate, bumper & insulators. Make a list of certain parts worthy of further checking.

Strut Category

Speaking of the types, you should pay attention to the explicit strut unit. There are two distinct options – either front & rear or front/rear only. It’s better to upgrade the suspension on both sides. Meanwhile, you may want to make a matching shock replacement.

Vehicle Response

How your vehicle response must become your immediate concern. Minimal vibration with the least metal surface frictional noise should prevail. Of course, you have to check the alignments after the installation. Additional riding comfort with handling ease also needs to suffice.

Frame Materials

Steel remains the primary preference for bearing plate & coil springs. However, precise functionality depends on the strict action of all components. Even the approximate service life highly depends on the overall material quality. Therefore, you must check the entire structure closely.

Package Contents

Confirming the purchase or the arrived package – you better check the contents. It should come with the product details. Looking into the list of essential parts will let you know the available units. And evaluating the arrived package will let you know the exact quality.

Signs of Bad Struts

Signs of Bad Struts

Many variables determine the service life of every individual automotive part. And the upcoming failure starts to reveal definite symptoms for your attention. Check the inevitable signs to take place regarding bad struts.

  1. Noticeable system instability on highway driving speeds.
  2. Sudden or slightly eventual automotive sidewise tipping.
  3. Excessive bouncing of tires associated with clunking noise.
  4. Hard brake causes the front end to dive slightly further.
  5. Leaking fluid marks from seals right on the struts or shocks.
  6. Continued rear-end squat on accelerating on-road speeds.
  7. An incredibly faster rate of suspension, tire & wheel damage.

Temporary Fix for Bad Struts

It’s common to find your struts unresponsive in the middle of nowhere. There, you’ll have to start figuring out a temporary fix to hold the struts.

You’re to stick with some wire or spare tie wraps on the fix. Get yourself one solid stick to measure 10mm in diameter & 2.0” in length. Press the suspension down to reveal the strut gap.

Insert the piece into the opened gap, allowing the wire to hold the stick. Gently release the downward pressure to let the stick deal with the impact.

Of course, the fix won’t reduce the vibrations or bounce to the optimum extent. However, it should help you to drive the road to pass the nearby garage.

How to Replace Rear Struts on Toyota Camry?

Changing the struts distort the suspension, increasing the chances of failure. But the replacement requires your attention to every essential detail. It should help you to save additional bucks on labor costs. The following steps should suffice the automotive upgrade by yourself.

#1. Raise the vehicle in a slightly higher space using a jack stand. Loosen the flange nuts with supporting bolts.

#2. Disconnect the stabilizing bar end link with additional brake lines. Gently push the end link right out of the strut.

#3. Loosen the strut nuts to make immediate removal. Keep pushing the steering knuckle to remove the bolts.

#4. Carefully insert a pry bar between the knuckle & struts. Pry the knuckle upward to pop it out of the strut flange.

#5. Place something somewhat thick enough to hold a space. It should keep the flange from damaging the CV boot.

#6. Reach the wheel well to locate the strut supporting assembly. Grab the strut bottom for tilting on removal.

#7. Set the new strut in position to reset the supportive angle. Start restoring the disconnections in reverse order.

#8. Check the suspension alignment closely for any distortion. Consult a pro mechanic to make definite confirmation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does a Toyota Camry have shocks or struts?

Answer: Almost every running vehicle features shock & strut assembly. There’s no reason for Toyota Camry to feature something different. In fact, it initiates convenient stabilization on the move.

Q: How long do struts last on a Toyota Camry?

Answer: The lifespan of suspension struts strictly depends on their exposure to damaging conditions. An acceptable interval of strut replacement counts 50K to 100K under normal circumstances.

Q: When to replace struts on Toyota Camry?

Answer: Occurrence of certain symptoms will reveal the replacement call for suspension struts. Any particular damage, leakage, breakage, or distortion in the assembly will require immediate change.

Q: What’s the cost to replace suitable struts on Toyota Camry?

Answer: The average cost tends to vary, depending on the strut tag & labor cost. You better prepare a $100 to $300 budget on strut purchase. And the labor cost should remain within $250 – $300.

Final Words

Poor vehicular stability possesses definite threats on every driving session. And a supportive assembly needs to hold the suspension. You can’t skip the essence of struts to establish full control. Checking the best struts for Toyota Camry will surely justify your investment.

Among the expert favorites, Detroit Axle 10064-8 happens to stand on top. It’s one complete set to cover the entire automotive suspension. Superb features with minimal limitation have to make the design one worthy choice. Even the demanded tag stands within your radar.

Happy Driving.

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