6 Best Tuner for LB7 Duramax [Top Picks & Reviews 2021]


Controlling the engine performance remains one daunting task for many. And continued innovation manages to develop several monitoring/customization devices.

But smart car owners should settle for something to cover everything at once. That’s where a subtle tuner requires your attention, regardless of the automotive model.

It’s one simple yet extremely ergonomic device to establish your control. You can easily customize the Duramax efficiency without struggling with attempts.

Likewise, the non-essential upgrade features too many options in the market. Stick with our expert suggestions to determine the best tuner for LB7 Duramax.

Check out the expert favorites, in brief, using the tabulated comparison.

Best Programmer for lb7 Duramax – Comparison Table

ProductKey FeatureSwipe ScreenPrice
1. Edge Products 84130 Insight MonitorCustom Color MixerYes
2. POWERTEQ CTS3 Edge Products Insight MonitorOne-Touch Menu NavigationYes
3. 85401 Edge Diesel Evolution CTS2 MonitorStandard Linking SystemYes
4. Bully Dog 40420 GT Platinum Diesel TunerFuel Saving Pre-LoadsNo
5. 85300 Edge Diesel Evolution CS2Steady Tune ChangeYes
6. PPE 111020000 Xcelerator DuramaxSpeed Limit AdjustmentNo

6 Best LB7 Tuner Reviews

Likewise, the comparison lacks many associated facts to make your ultimate choice. Detailed discussion on an individual product can clarify the facts without confusion. Let’s get started with the best LB7 Duramax tuner reviews.

1. Edge Products 84130 Insight Monitor

Edge Products 84130 Insight Monitor

Technical Details

  • Brand: Edge Products
  • Model: 84130
  • Weight: 1.98 pounds
  • Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 10 inches

Start keeping a consistent eye on your automotive performance from now on.

Not a notable number of brands establish a reputation on automotive tuners. But Edge Products surely know the customer demands on the drive.

It designs LB7 Duramax performance upgrades with sleek, modern, stylish functions. Even the price tag looks righteous to hold your initial investment.

Features & Benefits

Rectangular Screen

The precisely rectangular screen holds every necessary parameter onboard. A high-resolution system enables maximum monitoring efficiency all the time. And you’re to utilize the five distinctive color pigments to note down the action.

Performance Upgrade

Overall performance gets to notify you on the road ahead of any challenging condition. Initiating a complete structural balance remains easy without wasting time. There come custom color mixers for needles, gauge arcs & even backgrounds.

System Adjustments

Full customization of background lets you catch the details from every extent. Besides, you’re to utilize the multiple gauge screen layout integration. You can easily understand the gap between its power demand & actual supply.


  1. Special custom color mix.
  2. Precise parameter details.
  3. Notably simplified setup.
  4. Accurate system support.


  1. Troubleshooting issues.


2. POWERTEQ CTS3 Edge Products Insight Monitor

POWERTEQ CTS3 Edge Products Insight Monitor

Technical Details

  • Brand: Prime_Warehouse
  • Model: 84130-3
  • Weight: 1.54 pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎9.5 x 6.3 x 3.7 inches

Get rid of bulky operational gauges with an advanced system control facility.

Prime_Warehouse isn’t exactly a subtle brand to cross your mind right away. But the next option appears from its less-known product line.

Unlike the previous one, it enables dependable CTS3 functionality. And the market price stands reasonable for all the integrated features.

Features & Benefits

Complete Support

It’s an exclusive gauge system to combine definite advancements for automotive control. Whether it’s regular uses or performance enthusiasts – the monitor holds your thought. You can even use other tuning devices without causing any trouble.

Specialized Display

Noticeably large 5.0” display reveals everything on the best performance chip for LB7 Duramax. A swipe screen with multiple gauge layouts enables superior system support. Likewise, a custom color mixer is available for its needle, gauge arcs & backgrounds.

Explicit Application

A standard HDMI port allows the device to get connected to the power source. The intended design features OBDII (Diagnostic) port to fit into 1996 & later models. Not to mention, you’re free to trigger an update for enjoying additional features.


  1. High-resolution swipe screen.
  2. Built-in light sensitivity meter.
  3. Notably precise gauge display.
  4. Full background adjustments.


  1. Initial shutoff problem.


3. 85401 Edge Diesel Evolution CTS2 Monitor

85401 Edge Diesel Evolution CTS2 MonitorTechnical Details

  • Brand: Edge Products
  • Model: 85401
  • Weight: 1.7 pounds
  • Dimensions: 9.5 x 6.4 x 3.7

Keep track of your essential engine parameters on every driving session.

It’s another top-quality design from Edge Products to fit the needs. In fact, you’re to consider a precise alternative to its first option.

Simple attachments will start handling the most complex action for your engine. Settle down for its reasonable price to enjoy the output.

Features & Benefits

Steady Display

A standard rectangular display features five different colors to show the parameters. You don’t have to lose the intended track every now & then. Likewise, high-resolution onscreen support comes with a matching swipe screen.

Multiple Levels

There are several gauge screen layouts for customizing the best performance chip for Duramax LB7. Also, you’re to enjoy a fully customizable background with the monitor. And custom color mixer completes the setting for needle, gauge arcs & backgrounds.

Specific Fitment

Heavy-duty HDMI plug system helps with the simple power-up connection. It takes no time to fulfill the setup steps ahead of taking its control. And you don’t have to ignore the one-touch easy menu navigation on uses.


  1. Simple menu navigation.
  2. Multiple screen layouts.
  3. Customized backgrounds.
  4. Standard linkage feature.


  1. Frequent resetting issue.


4. Bully Dog 40420 GT Platinum Diesel Tuner

Bully Dog 40420 GT Platinum Diesel TunerTechnical Details

  • Brand: Bully Dog
  • Model: 40420
  • Weight: 4.8 ounces
  • Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 3.8 inches

Match the requirements to tune up your engine at its optimum level.

Let’s skip the common tuner for something more functional & ergonomic. You’re to encounter Bully Dog to settle for a performance chip or tuner.

And you’ll be the best programmer for LB7 Duramax in its store for satisfaction. Spending bucks will let you take control of the engine action.

Features & Benefits

All-in-One Design

Overall engine performance can’t get any better with the intended part. The combination of four individual devices makes it one viable monitoring option. You’re to consider tuner, gauge, diagnostics & monitor in one unit.

Refreshing Power

Dramatic improvement in engine response makes your ride comfortable, pleasant & enjoyable. Additional horsepower with extra torque enables maximum fuel economy for the system. And its comprehensive set of features cover a wide range of automotive support.

Broad Application

One single part number remains enough to replace several age-old monitors. Integrated four pre-loaded programs recalibrate the whole system from its core. Explicit maximization of engine power helps with its smooth application.


  1. Excellent driving efficiency.
  2. Fifteen essential parameters.
  3. Utilization of four preloads.
  4. Clearance of trouble codes.


  1. Somewhat slow setup.


5. 85300 Edge Diesel Evolution CS2

85300 Edge Diesel Evolution CS2Technical Details

  • Brand: Edge Products
  • Model: 85300
  • Weight: 1.98 pounds
  • Dimensions: 9.5 x 6.4 x 4.0

Impart a consistent monitoring system to control the practical engine aspects.

And it’s the last one to make our list from Edge Products. The intended 85300 is more like a fundamental monitoring device.

Only some essential features adorn its primary-level functionality. And its low tag should justify the cheap upgrades for LB7 Duramax.

Features & Benefits

Steady Display

Of course, its screen doesn’t occupy the entire upper surface. However, it’s not small enough to give you trouble regarding its operation. You can easily check necessary things from the onscreen gauges.

Certain Parameters

A minimal number of parameters remain available for your observation. And individual attention gets to the exact mechanical condition. Checking the additional facts can suffice its practical functionality.

Simple Control

The remaining section of its upper surface goes to button control. You can make simple adjustments without struggling for the right level. And the non-touch facility appears realistic for different uses.


  1. Standard monitor screen.
  2. Simple mechanical appeal.
  3. Precise system detection.
  4. Complete manual control.


  1. Minimal parameters.


6. PPE Standard Xcelerator Duramax

PPE Standard Xcelerator DuramaxTechnical Details

  • Brand: ‎Pacific Performance Engineering
  • Model: 111020000
  • Weight: 2.25 pounds
  • Dimensions: 3 x 9.5 x 10.5 inches

Hold your engine’s optimum power level without sacrificing its associated facts.

And the last one on our review comes with an elaborate inspection surprise. It’s more like a heavy assembly to let you control everything.

PPE introduces the best tuner for 6.6 Duramax LB7 to fit other models. But its initial investment shouldn’t make you upset about the purchase.

Features & Benefits

Additional Output

There are different power levels available with the intended mechanical device. Almost immediate resetting of additional horsepower comes with extra torque. But you must take the automotive model under consideration for output.

Definite Adjustment

Two particular facilities can undergo limited adjustment to meet your needs. Speed limiter setting range covers from 46mph to 96mph at 1mph increment. Meanwhile, the gear ratio holds real-time data, covering from 2.73 up to 5.13.

Exclusive Fitment

The computer mechanism can fit into multiple popular models of Duramax itself. You’re to consider a 2001 – 2010 coverage for LB7, LLY, LBZ & LMM models. In addition, LMM or LML models can receive DPF regeneration on calls.


  1. Supportive online updates.
  2. Optimized engine outcome.
  3. Five exclusive tuning levels.
  4. Increased system response.


  1. Initial connectivity issues.


How to Choose the Best Performance Chip for lb7 Duramax? – Buying Guide

Even the most decorated tuner is unlikely to fit into your Duramax model. An erroneous purchase will soon lead you to several annoying occurrences.

Using slight tricks to keep certain facts should save you the trouble. Explore the considerations to find out the best tuner for LB7 Duramax with ease.

Actual Support

How many parameters do the tuner support for monitoring on display? You should know the essential considerations to influence the engine power. And seeking the answer should narrow down the available possibilities.

Display Section

A high-resolution screen remains preferable for modern automotive systems. When it gets to the monitoring facility, there’s nobody to like the classic ones. Look into the display shape, size, colors, connectivity, port & customization facility.

Additional Facts

Precise outcomes should always prevail to hold the engine consistency. And you must attend to the extra facts to decide on its smooth functionality. Check the gear ratio, resetting feature, color mix to enjoy its mechanical support.

Overall Fitment

Compatibility is one essential point to require your attention right before purchase. Not every tuner can fit into your precious LB7 systems right away. Pay attention to the automotive year, special specs, port connection & others.

Extra Pre-Loads

The presence of pre-loads can help you to achieve the maximum beneficial level at once. But not many options integrate the feature to enable the adjustment. You should understand the system requirements to decide on its necessity.

How to Install Tuner on LB7 Duramax?

Setting a tuner on any automotive system remains one of the simplest tasks. You actually require nothing but the best LB7 tuner itself. Following the steps should accomplish the objectives without the slightest issues.

#1. Locate the OBD-II port right on the dashboard. It should remain available on the passenger side.

#2. Check the port opening for any aggregated dirt or debris. Wipe the surface clean using paper or clothes.

#3. Simply plug the intended tuner right into the port. Wait for several seconds to allow calibration.

#4. Start driving the car without checking the tuner. Let the device complete its remapping on uses.

What is the ECM on a Car?

Engine Control Module (ECM) can also appear as Powertrain Control Module (PCM) or Engine Control Unit (ECU). It’s one essential automotive component with a complex mechanism to influence cylindrical combustion.

The computerized system decides on engine performance with supportive drivability. Almost all the functional sensors directly depend on ECM information. Its collected data helps to initiate maximum engine power on the output.

LB7 Duramax Bad ECM Symptoms

ECM can experience several distortions in its actual function. And it directly leads to engine issues on the negative side. Even for LB7 Duramax, you ought to notice the following symptoms.

  • Definite stalling or misfiring problems.
  • Poor or declining engine performance.
  • Extremely difficult startup problems.
  • ‘Check Engine Light’ tuns on after reset.
  • Abrupt overheating of the system unit.
  • Certain power loss from multiple parts.

Duramax ECM Reset Process

Many reasons require your ECM to start fresh with no previous memory. And a simple reset can help to erase the collected information. The following steps can let you reset Duramax ECM in no time.

#1. Open the front hood to access the battery. Disconnect the positive terminal using a wrench or pliers.

#2. Locate the fuse box inside your car to check its diagram. Select to remove the fuse labeled ‘ECM’ or ‘ECU’.

#3. Set the removed fuse aside for several minutes. Wait for at least 5 minutes to clear the memory.

#4. Restore the fuse in its intended position with care. Connect the positive terminal back for completion.

Final Words

An automotive tuner is yet to become a compulsory element for your Duramax ride. But its presence can certainly help you in controlling the engine performance. And it’s better to check the best tuner for LB7 Duramax from the aforementioned options.

And Edge Products 84130 seems to make your day from every crucial perspective. The monitoring device can track certain parameters to the optimum level of accuracy. The intended tag enables a subtle quality to price ratio for your consideration.

Happy Driving.

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