7 Best Wheel Spacers for Jeep [Reviews & Buying Guide 2021]


Is there anybody to remain satisfied with factory-specified automotive designs? Of course, you’ll feel the necessity of imposing upgrades on different occasions.

And wheel spacers can encourage the actual output from your vehicle. It’s one popular method to initiate extra clearance for wheels towards the outside.

Without a doubt, Jeep remains one versatile model to serve different purposes. You better get yourself ready to upgrade or replace the undercarriage assembly.

However, it’s likely to take considerable time with an overwhelming number of choices. But our experts managed to narrow down the best wheel spacers for Jeep.

Look into the quick comparison to know the options closely.

Best Wheel Spacers for Jeep – Comparison Table

ProductKey FeatureThicknessFitmentPrice
RockTrix Hubcentric Wheel SpacersAligned Ridge Fitment1.5”1999 – 2018
Supreme Suspensions AZM ws3 Wheel SpacersPrecisely Splined Studs1.25”2007 – 2018
Orion Motor Tech WAS528 Wheel SpacersExtra Centering Collar1.5”1999 – 2018
AA Ignition Wheel Spacer SetStraight Jeep Fitment1.5”2005 – 2018
ECCPP ECCPP07063201 Wheel SpacersHigh Oxidation Treatment2.0”1984 – 2012
KSP KS-307BL Wheel SpacersNotable Blue Appeal2.0”1999 – 2017
Titan Wheel SpacersSturdy Steel Threads2.0”1995 – 2006

7 Best Jeep Wheel Spacers Reviews

Only some physical specs make the aforementioned comparison, lacking associated details. Still, you ought to learn every essential point on an individual unit. Start checking the best Jeep wheel spacers review from below.

1. RockTrix Hubcentric Wheel Spacers

RockTrix Hubcentric Wheel Spacers
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Technical Details

  • Brand: ‎RockTrix
  • Model: Wheel
  • Weight: 16.07 pounds
  • Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 6 inches
  • Exterior: Machined

Introduce sufficient space at the bottom section to fit larger wheels.

There seems no way to skip the obvious choices from RockTrix. Its intended model gets to hold your automotive with maximum support.

Absolute response from the wheels allows you to ensure a superior outcome. And you’re to settle for its reasonable price against services.

Features & Benefits

Precise Details

A convincing 38mm or 1.5” thickness delivers reasonably additional space. Bolt patterns remain standard, featuring 5 x 127mm spec. The hub-centric bore measures 71.5mm against an imposed 0.5 x 20 stud/nut thread pitch.

Overall Benefits

Apart from imparting a greater stance, the best Jeep wheel spacers initiate further support. Exceptional wheel balance enables improved handling along with mechanical stability. An immediate increase in traction lets you enjoy a smooth performance all the way.

Simple Setup

Integration of aligning lips enables proper wheel centering with the assembly. And the installation poses minimal difficulty regarding the changes. You’ll need tire repairing tools, lug socket & torque wrench for the completion.


  1. Increased traction on tracks.
  2. Protective anodized surfacing.
  3. Superior balance on contact.
  4. Direct influence on longevity.


  1. Missing package parts.


2. Supreme Suspensions AZM ws3 Wheel Spacers

Supreme Suspensions AZM ws3 Wheel Spacers
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Technical Details

  • Brand: Supreme Suspensions
  • Weight: 15.3 pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎18.58 x 12.44 x 6.5 inches

Change the traditional vehicle outlook through a reasonably sized wheels modification.

And the next happens to arrive from an absolute best brand. The featured set is ready to induce a useful change under the seat.

It’s an explicit design to serve the requirements of modern automotive. The price looks convincing enough to match the services.

Features & Benefits

Package Contents

Aerospace-grade billet aluminum shapes the structure, combining longevity with strength. In addition, precisely machined studs feature splines to hold efficiency. Aside from installation hardware, you’ll get to use the Supreme Suspensions Pro Pack.

Exclusive Design

A somewhat acceptable 1.25” thickness enables the same amount of clearance. Standard 5 x 5” or 5 x 127mm bolt pattern comes with matching 0.5 x 20 studs. And the black anodized surface keeps the moisture out of its deterioration.

Beneficial Action

Increase in cornering stability seems to be the apparent benefit of its installation. Not to mention, the hydraulic design initiates optimum resistance to vibrations. An aggressive stance prevails for the outlook, associated with no rubbing issues.


  1. Added traction for a response.
  2. Extended cornering capability.
  3. Yielding aluminum strength.
  4. Supportive metal fabrication.


  1. Initial loosening issues.


3. Orion Motor Tech WAS528 Wheel Spacers

Orion Motor Tech WAS528 Wheel Spacers
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Technical Details

  • Brand: Orion Motor Tech
  • OEM Part Number: WAS528
  • Weight: 17.38 pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎15.71 x 9.17 x 5.47 inches

Integrate larger wheels to fill the empty space at the undercarriage.

It’s more like a direct alternative to the previous RockTrix unit. Orion Motor seems to perform a good job to hold the competition.

It seems the best wheel spacer for Jeep JK to cover exclusive features. The price appears pretty worthy, taking the elements into account.

Features & Benefits

Secure Support

A satisfactory 1.5” or 38mm thickness comes with all the standard measurements. It leads to exceptional wheel stability towards better handling. Noticeable clearance imparts an aggressive stance for the vehicle from outside.

Wide Usability

Different ranges cover the overall fitment regarding variable Jeep models. For example, it explicitly fits into the 2007 – 2018 Jeep Wrangler JK. Meanwhile, 1999 – 2010 usability counts for Jeep Cherokee against 2006 – 2010 Jeep Commander XK fitment.

Steady Function

Likewise, 6061-T6 aluminum makes the spacers pretty solid against the elements. Hardened 10.9-grade bolts allow immediate setup without hassle. Anodized surface stands to fight deteriorating corrosion to hold longevity.


  1. Accurate axle-hub extension.
  2. Exact fit for minimal vibration.
  3. Heat-treated metal structure.
  4. Additional collar for centering.


  1. Slight wobbling problems.


4. AA Ignition Wheel Spacer Set

AA Ignition Wheel Spacer Set
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Technical Details

  • Brand: ‎AA Ignition
  • Model: GWA430
  • Weight: ‎17.24 pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎9.21 x 7.91 x 7.6 inches

Make maximum utilization of space to fit notably large automotive wheels.

Enabling a superb stance with convincing performance remains at its absolute best. AA Ignition explicitly develops a kit to serve Jeep accommodations.

Every integrated spec stands standard to ensure a maximum automotive response. The price looks solid, Considering the combination of certain features.

Features & Benefits

Quality Finish

Anodized finish throughout the exterior protects the edges from corrosion. Tough metal frame encourages extreme on-use safety with excellent stability. Definite 10.9-grade studs with heat-treated lug nuts contribute to the highest quality.

Jeep Fitment

It fits into 2WD as well as 4WD Jeep vehicles, covering several models. The exact compatibility remains different for individual Jeep models. And you’re to consider Wrangler, Commander & Grand Cherokee for its application.

Exact Function

Likewise, the pack contains four units to provide 1.5” clearance regarding the setup. Other details remain steady without any change in specs. The aggressive stance, increased traction, superior handling, minimal vibration – everything comes in one unit.


  1. Precise structural construction.
  2. Aggressive stance from outside.
  3. Tough metals to hold longevity.
  4. Immediate offset enlargement.


  1. Lack of setup instructions.


5. ECCPP ECCPP07063201 Wheel Spacers

ECCPP ECCPP07063201 Wheel Spacers
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Technical Details

  • Brand: ECCPP
  • Model: ECCPP07063201
  • Weight: ‎7 pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎6.84 x 6.08 x 10.64 inches
  • Exterior: Metallic Finish

Impose your preferable wheel size to the vehicle, eliminating standard outlook.

There are too many aftermarket brands to market automotive parts. And ECCPP seems like an underrated brand to require your attention.

Its intended spacers are ready to make a dependable upgrade for the undercarriage. The price tag seems relevant, going perfectly with the features.

Features & Benefits

Precise Structure

Absolute accuracy in design features hard-anodized treatment for protection. Billet aluminum from mills imparts satisfying quality, extended duration & steady strength. Its taper seat manages to hold a superior resistance to damage or elements.

Further Movement

Slightly distorted 5 x 4.5” or 5 x 114.3mm bolt pattern allows further wheel separation. Reaching distance from the hub, you get to enjoy better handling. Increased clearance with minimal vibration lets you hit the road without any problem.

Extreme Fitment

A 2.0” or 50mm space becomes available with the best wheel spacers for Jeep Grand Cherokee. And the compatibility dates back to 1984 for certain Jeep models. In fact, it explicitly fits into old-school Jeep models like Wrangler, Liberty & Cherokee.


  1. Smooth brake caliper action.
  2. Exceptional wheel clearance.
  3. Heavy-duty body, lugs, bolts.
  4. Aggressive stance on the outside.


  1. Frequent loosening issue.


6. KSP KS-307BL Wheel Spacers

KSP KS-307BL Wheel Spacers
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Technical Details

  • Model: KS-307BL
  • Weight: 19.83 pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎14.88 x 7.44 x 6.77 inches

Allow the larger wheels to fit occupied undercarriage space with comfort.

The next option seems to outmatch others in terms of overall satisfaction. Not to mention, KSP is one reliable brand to design spacers.

Despite the lack of specialty, it can leave an immediate impression on startups. The conservative tag looks worthy, concerning the features.

Features & Benefits

Tougher Quality

Aerospace 6061-T6 billet aluminum makes the actual frame from inside. And it weighs pretty low, taking the steel or other materials into account. The design immediately fixes clearance issues to extend the durability against its fitment.

Distinctive Design

Widened track base lets you skip the obvious fact of standard factory-defined design. Unlike most others, it exclusively features a distinctive blue surface. An aggressive appearance will prevail over the vehicle from outside.

Precise Fitment

Likewise, the compatibility counts reasonably with a 1999 – 2017 fitment. You can complete the installation without any additional purchase. However, supportive specs to hold bolt pattern or thread size remain pretty standard.


  1. Extended service lifespan.
  2. High-quality metal structure.
  3. Aggressive exterior appeal.
  4. Widened base for balance.


  1. Initial centering issues.


7. Titan Wheel Spacers

Titan Wheel Spacers
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Technical Details

  • Brand: Titan Wheel Accessories
  • Model: Wheel Spacers
  • Weight: ‎14 pounds
  • Dimensions: 12.25 x 6 x 12.25 inches

Promote every ride with your vehicle through exceptional wheel support.

And we managed to reach the last stop on our review section. Titan gets you to satisfy the requirements of a larger wheel fitment.

The design remains pretty basic, considering the competitor models. Likewise, the price stands low enough to justify the overall action.

Features & Benefits

Steel Integration

The wheel adapters feature a standard billet aluminum towards high functionality. Meantime, the associated threads induce a 12.9-grade steel structure. And the combined result leads to an impressive strength to promote longevity.

Precise Details

Even the specs seem to feature a distortion for the intended unit. The bore length measures a stretched 82.5mm thickness to support a 5 x 4.5” bolt pattern. The thread pitch for spacers still holds a standard 0.5 x 20 spec.

Wrangler Fitment

An astonishing 2.0” or 50mm clearance gets to modify the Jeep’s undercarriage. And the best wheel spacers for Jeep Wrangler explicitly go with its sections only. And you can consider its TJ, KJ, YJ, XJ, ZJ, MJ & KK versions.


  1. CNC-machined construction.
  2. Heavy-duty threads of steel.
  3. Accurate design for fitment.
  4. Simplified installation steps.


  1. Crude surface holes.


How to Choose the Best Jeep Wheel Spacers?

Making the righteous purchase isn’t easy with automotive replacement parts. But you ought to check the stores anyway for a suitable upgrade or substitute.

There are several facts to influence the overall quality of Jeep wheel spacers. Going through the details should get you the best wheel spacers for Jeep easily.

Overall Fitment

There are a noticeable number of Jeep models available in the market. And wheel spacers can serve Wrangler, Cherokee & Commander. However, you must pay attention to the internal distinction. Check the manual to determine the necessary specs.

Space Clearance

The amount of induced wheel emptiness directly depends on spacer thickness. And it can explicitly range from 1.25” up to 2.0” for Jeep. Likewise, the demand tends to change, going with the wheel specs. You’ll have to make a subtle decision.

Additional Details

Bolt pattern bore length & thread size – the parameters complete any wheel spacer assembly. Of course, the specs should maintain a standard rather than abrupt distortion. And you must check the respective specs in order to keep everything intact.

System Response

The primary task concerns larger wheel, tire, or rime installation with spacers. But you must keep automotive safety, riding comfort & geometric stability in mind. Minimal vibrations should occur, keeping the wheels on the ground simultaneously.

Package Content

Installation hardware should occupy a certain space inside the arrived package. Lack of setup information can also cause trouble, particularly with less-known ones. Don’t forget to check all the contents after arrival for defects, faults, or missing parts.

Pros & Cons of Wheel Spacers Jeep

Modifying automotive parts have to feature several advantages over factory specs. You should catch all the positive points towards a high-quality wheel spacers kit.

  • Overall improvement in vehicle performance.
  • Increase in the aesthetic value of your vehicle.
  • Allowance for a larger wheel, rim, or tire fitment.
  • Wheels get to fit the undercarriage properly.
  • Better handling through minimized vibration.
  • Improved traction to induce superior stability.
  • Additional advantages of using billet aluminum.

Against the benefits, you should remain cautious about the associated issues.

  • Problems with sudden or accidental vibration.
  • Faster deterioration of automotive components.
  • Troublesome hassle from fender interferences.
  • Faulty/heavy design to trigger difficult steering.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Do wheel spacers affect ride quality?

Answer: Installation of wheel spacers mean modified vehicle geometry to affect the outcome. And it’s sure to influence the riding quality from different perspectives. Better stability with minimal vibration can definitely improve the riding experience.

Q: Are wheel spacers safe on a jeep?

Answer: It’s always better to keep the factory design regarding safety concerns. You can induce spacers within an acceptable limit of clearance. Proper installation regarding strict guidance is a must, even for the best-quality units.

Q: How often should you check wheel spacers?

Answer: There’s no viable range of observing the spacers flowing any troublesome issue. However, an expert rule of thumb suggests 60 – 80 miles of inspection under normal conditions. And don’t forget to tighten the bolts using appropriate torque.

Final Words

When it comes to wheel modifications from the suspension system, you can’t skip the apparent concern. Only the absolute best wheel spacers for Jeep can induce adequate support from the start. Keep yourself occupied with the requirements of the above options.

And RockTrix Hubcentric Wheel Spacer seems to surpass other competitors in the first place. The model integrates almost everything you need to enjoy a stable ride on large wheels. Despite the limiting facts, you’re sure to receive satisfaction over its price.

Happy Driving.

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